Animal Crossing New Horizons Christmas Time Travel: The Perfect Way to Celebrate the Festive Season

Animal Crossing New Horizons fans rejoice! The festive season is upon us and there’s no better way to celebrate than by experiencing the joy of Christmas in your virtual world. With the time travel feature in Animal Crossing New Horizons, players can enjoy the holidays any time they want. In this blog post, we’ll explore Animal Crossing New Horizons Christmas Time Travel in detail.

What is Animal Crossing New Horizons Christmas Time Travel?

Animal Crossing New Horizons is a game that lets you create your own world. You can design your own island, meet new friends, and create your own utopia. And now, with the Time Travel feature, players can even skip ahead in time to experience the festive season.

By using the Time Travel feature, players can revisit Christmas from previous years or jump ahead to the festive season in the future. This means players can participate in all the fun activities from previous years, like building a snowman or decorating their island, or experience new activities that have been added in later updates.

How to Time Travel to Christmas in Animal Crossing New Horizons

To get started, access the settings on your Nintendo Switch and change the time and date settings. Simply set your Switch’s date and time to correspond with Christmas Day or any other time you want to experience. Save your changes and you’re good to go.

If you want to go back to your normal time, just change your Switch’s time and date settings again. Remember, using the Time Travel feature can cause some of your villagers to move out, flowers to wilt, and weeds to grow. So, make sure to plan accordingly.

What Can You Do During Christmas Time Travel in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Once you’ve time-traveled to the festive season, there are plenty of fun activities to do.

• Decorating your island with Christmas trees, lights, and ornaments.
• Building a snowman and getting rewarded with unique DIY recipes.
• Participating in Toy Day, a festive day when Jingle the Black-Nosed Reindeer will visit your island and players must help deliver presents to their villagers.
• Attending the New Year’s Eve countdown and celebrating with fireworks.

Concluding Thoughts

Animal Crossing New Horizons Christmas Time Travel is a fun and exciting way to celebrate the festive season. With the Time Travel feature, players can skip ahead to experience the holidays any time they want. Decorating your island with Christmas trees, lights, and ornaments, building a snowman, and participating in Toy Day are all fun ways to celebrate.


Q: Will time traveling to Christmas mess up the game progression?

A: No, it will not mess up the game progression but it may cause some flowers to wilt and weeds to grow.

Q: Can you experience Christmas in Animal Crossing New Horizons without time travel?

A: Yes, the festive season in Animal Crossing New Horizons will last from December 15th to January 6th, so you don’t need to time travel if you just want to experience the holiday season.

Q: Is Time Traveling in Animal Crossing New Horizons cheating?

A: It is up to the player to decide whether they want to use time travel. Time travel is a feature provided by the game and is not considered cheating by the developers.

In conclusion, Animal Crossing New Horizons Christmas Time Travel is a great way to experience the festive season anytime you want. It’s a fun and exciting feature that allows players to enjoy the holidays in their own virtual world. If you’re an Animal Crossing New Horizons player, don’t miss out on the fun activities and festivities that await you during this magical time of year!



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