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Nowadays, it seems that most people have forgotten about alarm clocks and turn to their smartphones as alarm clocks instead. The thing is, many times a smartphone just doesn’t get the job done as a trusty alarm clock can.

It’s not that smartphones aren’t great at all the other things they do for us, it just makes sense to have a reliable alarm clock.

While using your smartphone as an alarm clock may seem like the best route to go, there are a few things that make it not as reliable as an alarm clock. First of all, your smartphone doesn’t wake you up if it happens to die in the middle of the night.

Second, if you forget to place your phone next to your bed, you may not be able to hear it to wake up on time. Third of all, phones don’t have the power like dedicated alarm clocks to make sure you wake up.

If you’re someone who’s struggling to wake up in the morning despite setting alarms on your phone, then investing in a dedicated alarm clock is something you should consider. Phones are good for many different things, while alarm clocks are amazing at two specific things: 1. Waking you up & 2. Telling time.

Top 12 Best Alarm Clocks

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of alarm clocks, you may be considering that you should start use one. But you shouldn’t use just any alarm clock. You’ruseng to want to make sure it meets your standards, fits your style, and is reliable.

We’ve picked out some of the best alarm clocks you can find and reviewed them for you so you don’t have to go searching through the endless options.

1. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Colored Sunrise Simulation and Sunset Fading Night Light

The first alarm clock we’re going to review is the Philips Wake-Up Light alarm clock. This alarm clock is popular thanks to its colored sunrise simulation.

The sunrise simulation works by getting brighter over a period of 20 to 40 minutes, similarly to a natural sover20 different brightsimilarings as well as 5 different nature sounds to wake up to. Clinical studies support that this alarm clock can assist with mood & energy level improvement.

Being light responsive offers a more natural sleep, in turn allowing you to get higher quality rest. The way the Philips Wake-Up Light works is simple and easy. You set up your preferred wake-up time for your personalized sunrise. 30 minutes before your desired wake-up time a dim light will turn on.

Over time, this light will get brighter and brighter according to your brightness settings. At the end of 30 minutes, you should be awake and ready to start your day.


  • 5 different nature sounds to wake up to
  • Light-responsive dimming that auto-dims in dark rooms
  • Easy to use a tap-to-snooze feature
  • Sunset feature that dims light and sound at night to set you up for a restful sleep
  • Up to 20 brightness settings to suit your personal preference
  • FM radio setting that allows you to wake up to your preferred radio show
  • PowerBackUp+ feature that keeps your clock’s internal settings and provides a back-up alarm for a minimum of 8 hours in case of a power outage or failure
  • Your purchase includes a 90-day money back guarantee, allowing you more than enough time to test out this alarm and determine that it provides the benefits promoted


2. DreamSky Decent Alarm Clock Radio with FM Radio, USB Port for Charging, 1.2” Blue Digital Display

The DreamSky Decent Alarm Clock provides you with a large, easy to read LCD screen featuring a blue display. This is so you can check the time without difficulties, even if you’re not wearing glasses. With the ability to connect to FM radio, you can wake up as well as fall asleep to the radio. You have the ability to set up a timer for the radio to turn off after anywhere from 10 minutes to 120 minutes to allow you to fall asleep listening to your favorite station.

Brightness can easily be adjusted with a provided dimmer button. You even have the option to turn the light completely off while the alarm and clock settings continue to run. Listening to the radio can be done with the press of a button.

Radio sound levels range from 0 to 15 and alarms from low, medium, and high. A nice perk is a USB charging port that allows you to charge your smartphone, tablet, etc. right where your alarm clock is.


  • Gentle, easy to read blue LED light display
  • Display of the time (12 or 24 hr), temperature (F or C), and alarm time
  • Dimmer & brightness control that also allows for a complete light turn off
  • FM radio integration and built-in loudspeaker
  • A programmable sleep timer that allows you to listen to the radio as you sleep and turns off automatically after your set time
  • Gradual alarm option with adjustable volume
  • Choose to wake up to a buzzer or a radio
  • Volume settings for buzzer: low, medium, high and radio: 0-15
  • 9-minute snooze button
  • A convenient USB charging port
  • Battery backup in case of power outages


3. Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb Extra– Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Red Flashing Alert Lights & Powerful Bed Shaker

The Sonic Alert SBB500SS provides an innovative way to wake up in the morning. If you’re a heavy sleeper, then this may be the perfect alarm for you. The Sonic Bomb alarm clock features a super loud alarm with a bed shaker to literally shake you out of bed! If you happen to share a bedroom, then you can even silence the alarm and use the adjustable strength shaker to wake up silently.

With 113db of volume, there is no way you can’t wake up with this alarm. It comes with the shaker we already mentioned as well as built-in alert lights. There is a battery back-up to ensure that you still wake up on time despite a power outage. The red display will easily catch your attention as you wake up. You can choose from a variety of colors to suit your personal preference. This would also be the perfect gift for a friend who you happen to know is a heavy sleeper.


  • 113 decibels of volume to ensure you wake up
  • Powerful bed shaker (12V) to place under your pillow or mattress to shake you up
  • Pulsating, flashing lights
  • Adjustable sounds and volume
  • “Snooze diffuser”
  • Red LCD display
  • Battery back-up and 220V adapters (optional)
  • 5 level dimmer
  • Test function to ensure your alarm works
  • 12 or 24 hour option
  • 7 different colors and designs to choose from
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


4. Travelwey Home LED Digital Alarm Clock – Outlet Powered, No Frills Simple Operation

If you’re someone who is looking for a simple alarm clock, then the Travelwey Home LED Digital Alarm Clock might be the right choice for you. Just like the title says, it’s a “no frills, simple operation” alarm clock that gets that job done.

It’s an extremely affordable alarm clock thanks to being minimal and providing a basic function. Whether this alarm clock is for a child, for your, an elder, etc., there will be no issues in figuring out how to operate this clock thanks to its simplicity.

This clock comes with a button operated night light which is perfect for children. The alarm is set to go on for up to 5 minutes, allowing enough time to ensure you get up in the morning.

A snooze operation allows 9 minutes between alarms. Clear, red LCD numbers are great for catching your eye. This light can also be adjusted to suit your personal preference. You can pick up this alarm clock in either black or white.


  • Simple operation that is easy enough for children and elderly persons
  • Button operated night light
  • Adjustable alarm and snooze volume ranging from low to high
  • 5 minute alarm duration to ensure you wake up on time
  • 9 minute snooze button intervals until you turn the alarm off yourself
  • Large red LCD interface
  • Adjustable interface brightness
  • Powered with 120V
  • Battery back-up to ensure your alarm still goes off in cases of lost power
  • Comes in either black or white to suit your preference
  • Small rubber feet to prevent slippage


5. Peakeep Ultra Small, Battery Travel Alarm Clock with Snooze & Light, Silent with No Ticking Analog Quartz

Need an alarm clock to bring around with you as you travel? Then the Peakeep Ultra Small, Battery Travel Alarm Clock is a great option! If you travel a lot, then you probably don’t like constantly resetting alarms on the clocks provided in hotels or requesting wake up calls. The Peakeep Travel Alarm Clock is extremely compact and weighs only 2oz, taking up no extra room when you bring it with you on your travels.

The small design comes with a large on/off switch is located on the top of the alarm to ensure you are able to toggle it correctly. A four beep alarm increases in sound up to four times and continues to run until you turn it off. This is great to make sure you wake up even if it takes several minutes. If you hate the ticking of analog clocks, then you don’t need to worry because this clock is silent.


  • Ultra small, compact size (2 ¼ x 2 ¼ x 1 ¼ )
  • Weight of only 2 oz for convenience
  • Large on/off switch located on the top
  • Snooze + light button located on the top right
  • Time and alarm settings can be made on the backside
  • Glowing, manual backlight for night time viewing
  • 4 stage, sound increasing alarm that runs continuously until deactivated
  • Battery operated by 1 AA battery (not included)
  • Silent, no-ticking operation to ensure your satisfaction


6. Digital Travel Alarm Clock – No Bells, No Whistles, Simple Basic Operation

If you’re looking for an alarm clock suited for traveling but you don’t necessarily like the previous analog option we mentioned, then the Digital Travel Alarm Clock by Travelwey might suit your needs. This alarm clock features a simple design that focuses on displaying what you really want: the time! With simplicity in mind, just about anyone can use this alarm clock – even children & grandparents.

The interface is extremely easy to operate and consists of only 5 buttons. You get a slim, compact design that is easy to place in a bag or suitcase to bring along for your travels. Weighing a mere couple of ounces at most, you will have no inconveniences adding this alarm clock to your luggage.


  • Extremely simple display – elimination of date, temperature, timer, etc. was made to ensure no complications and a basic function fulfillment
  • Easy operation that can be learned by children and the elderly with ease
  • Simple interface with 5 buttons: Clock, Alarm, Hour, Min, and On/Off
  • Clear display with a 5-second button operated light for night-time viewing
  • On/Off button option allows the internal time to keep on running so you don’t need to reset your alarm
  • Slim design that can fit in pockets with ease
  • Small structure (3.5 x 3.5 x 1.2)


7. Peakeep Loud Melody Alarm Clock for Hearing Impaired with Snooze & Backlight

A unique alarm clock we’ll be including on our list is the Peakeep Loud Melody Alarm Clock for Hearing Impaired. Even though the time is an analog display, it has a sleek look that is easy to read thanks to large numbers with black edges. Rather than following the traditional alarm sound, Peakeep decided to make this alarm shuffle 7 different melodies rather than using beeps and buzzers. This can work particularly well for teens and children who are heavy sleepers.

Snoozes are 4 minutes long to allow a short break in between alarms. A soft, blue backlight is flashed up while the alarm goes off. This backlight can also be ignited for 5 seconds with the press of a button for viewing at night. Don’t worry about ticking sounds since this clock has silent operation. The small, compact design makes this a great option to bring with on business trips or vacations.


  • Easy to read analog clock with white digits and black borders
  • Melody alarm that shuffles through 7 different melodies instead of the traditional beep or buzz
  • Short 4 minute snooze duration
  • Blue backlight that flashes during the alarm
  • Button to turn on backlight for 5 seconds for checking the time at night
  • Silent clock operation free of ticking and tocking
  • Easy operation that requires only 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Small, compact size that can be ideal for traveling (3.7 x 3.7 x 1.8)


8. Peakeep 3D Numbers No Tick-Tock Analog Alarm Clock with Classic Beep Sound

Another alarm clock offered by Peakeep is the 3D Numbers, No Tick-Tock Analog Alarm Clock with Classic Beep Sound. If you’re looking for a nice, little alarm clock that has a ton of style, then this is it. You get large, 3D numbers that are easy to read despite this alarm clock’s compact size. This clock’s style is modern and elegant, making it a very cool option that kids and teens will enjoy.

You get the classic alarm sounds that increase in sound up to four times. The alarm will continue to go off for up to 1 hour at maximum volume until you deactivate or snooze it. Sounds will also speed up to help awaken heavier sleepers. 5-minute snooze durations allow you a quick snooze when you need it. Never worry about that annoying clock sound thanks to silent operation.


  • Large, black 3D numbers that are easy to read
  • A sleek, elegant and modern look that is very trendy
  • Traditional beeping alarm sounds
  • Gentle wake alarm that gradually speeds up over time for up to 1 hour to help wake heavier sleepers
  • Silent clock operation meaning no tick-tock sounds
  • Snooze & light button located at the top to activate snooze and illuminate the clock for night-time viewing
  • 5-minute snooze intervals
  • Simple clock and alarm mechanisms can be accessed on the rear of the clock
  • Small design that is ideal for traveling (3 ¼ x 3 ¼ x 1 ⅝)
  • Operated with only 1 AA battery (not included)
  • Unlimited 360 day warranty


9. American Lifetime Day Clock – Extra Large Impaired Vision Digital Clock with Battery Backup

Our next alarm clock review is the American Lifetime Day Clock. The display is extra large, high resolution, and features large lettering so people who have impaired vision have an easier time reading the day, date, and time. There are no abbreviations used to prevent any confusion. This is the perfect alarm clock to give to anyone in your family who may have Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Memory Loss, or impaired vision.

5 multi-function alarms are included so reminders for things like taking medications can be set up. You never have to worry about this alarm clock going out of whack thanks to a battery back-up that retains the date and time when the power comes back. When you choose the American Lifetime Day Clock, you get a free 30-day money back guarantee as well as a full 1-year unlimited warranty for your satisfaction.


  • 8 inch, high resolution screen
  • Large, white letters and numbers that are easy to read
  • Battery back-up to retain date and time in cases of power outages
  • Choose from 8 different colors to suit your personal preference
  • Display of the day, time, and date
  • 5 multi-function alarms for other things besides waking up
  • 10% of your purchase is donated to charities helping the research of dementia, social services, as well as adult education
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 1-year unlimited warranty


10. LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children’s Sleep Trainer, Alarm Clock, Night Light Sleep Sounds Machine

Looking for the perfect clock for your child? Then the LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children’s Sleep Trainer is a delightful choice! Featuring gentle colors and adorable facial expressions, this alarm clock was made to help teach children when it’s time for bed as well as when it’s appropriate to get up.

The way this works is the alarm clock turns yellow 30 minutes before the alarm to signal it’s almost time to wake up. Once the alarm is green, this signals to your child it’s time to start the day.

You get 3 different sleep sound options as well as 5 different night light colors to soothe your child at night. Choose from 3 alarm sounds and the ability to display a silent countdown that is suitable for older children.

The facial expressions are very cute and easy for your child to understand. A sleeping face is for bedtime, a playful expression to express that it’s almost time to start the day (meaning they can play quietly or stay in bed), and a full smile to signal an official start of the day.


  • Five night light color options
  • Tree-friendly sounds for the alarm
  • Three different sleeping sounds: ocean breeze, white noise, and lullaby
  • A timed countdown for napping, time-outs, etc.
  • 3 facial expressions and coordinating colors to express to your child what time it is and what is appropriate at the time
  • Choose from 4 different colors to suit your child’s preference


11. iHome iBT29BC Bluetooth Color Changing Dual Alarm Clock FM Radio with USB Charging & Speakerphone

If you’re already an iPhone user, then the iHome iBT29BC Bluetooth Color Changing Dual Alarm Clock should fit perfectly into your lifestyle. The first thing to mention about this alarm clock is the fact that its color changing.

The colors it illuminates are bright, yet gentle on the eyes, providing an awesome vibe to any room. You can do more than just set alarms with this clock, you can also plug in or use Bluetooth to play music from your phone or music device.

Another cool feature is the ability to take and make phone calls with this clock thanks to it’s built-in microphone. Choose to wake up to the FM radio, your favorite songs playlist, podcasts, and an array of built-in tones.

Even if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, this is a really nice choice thanks to all the options it offers. If you’re looking for the ultimate personalized alarm clock experience, then you can practically have it all with this clock.


  • Color changing capabilities that emit vibrant colors that are gentle on the eyes
  • 5 different colors and 6 different wake up color modes
  • Blue LED display that is large and easy to read
  • Bluetooth enabled so you can connect your device for music streaming and taking calls
  • Aux plugin so you can stream from devices that don’t have a Bluetooth connection
  • Choose your alarm – FM radio, Bluetooth audio, or one of the built-in tones
  • Built-in usb charging port so you can charge your phone, tablet, etc. conveniently on your nightstand


12. Clocky, the Original Runaway Alarm Clock on Wheels (Loud for Heavy Sleepers)

The craziest clock we have on this list (if you don’t consider the Sonic Alert Shakers to be crazier) is Clocky, the Original Runaway Alarm Clock on Wheels. This is an extremely fun alarm clock that is made to get heavy sleepers out of bed just to turn this alarm off.

While some may find it annoying, one can’t deny the effectiveness of this alarm strategy. Clocky can jump from a 3-foot tall nightstand and start driving around the room until you deactivate the alarm.

Customize snooze times so clocky won’t roll out until your snooze is finished, or completely deactivate snooze if you would prefer. The alarm itself is very loud and features a fun, unique robotic sound.

It was designed to get the heaviest of sleepers up and out of bed as it’s nearly impossible to sleep through. You can choose to get clocky in 8 different colors to suit your personal preference or the favorite color of your recipient.


  • Ability to hop off a nightstand of up to 3 feet tall
  • Wheels to run around the room and bounce around without damaging things
  • Customizable snooze times that can also be completely deactivated
  • Loud, robotic alarm to ensure anyone awakens to its sound
  • Easy to use interface that can even be used by children
  • Runs off of 4 AAA batteries (not included)

How the Alarm Clock Dates Back

Before alarm clocks became a normal part of our lives, the #1 most reliable way to get up was with the sunrise sunlight. This is still a common way people wake up today. Other “alarm clocks” of the past include church bells roosters, whistles, and even door-to-door wake-up calls! It wasn’t until the late 1800s alarm clocks started appearing in our homes.

The first alarm clocks from the 1870s had to be wound up before you went to sleep. Obviously, alarm clocks have since then evolved and now we have digital options, the option to snooze, customizable alarm sounds, radio integration, and so much more. You may even be surprised to hear that some alarm clocks have been designed to “run away” in order to force you to get out of bed!


The Benefits of Having an Alarm Clock

The most obvious benefit of alarm clocks is their ability to help us wake up at a specific time. These days, people run on schedules. It’s important to make it to work before a certain time because if you don’t you can be late, resulting in losing a job, ending up with many more problems to follow. We just have to face reality; for most people, waking up is just plain hard to do.

Why is getting up in the morning so hard to do? Thanks to busy schedules, technology, living in a dense population, and being used to the constant sounds of neighbors, loud streets, etc., sleep is constantly being interrupted.

Victims of interrupted sleep tend to need even more sleep to properly prepare for the next day. By the time they need to wake, drowsiness is common.

Because we instinctively have something known as an “internal clock”, it is common for people to wake up several minutes before their alarm actually goes off. That being said, it’s also important to mention that this internal clock can easily be changed and modified. If you’re someone who often stays up late or you don’t follow a sleep schedule whatsoever, you probably have a hard time getting up when you really need to.

The benefits of alarm clocks are more than one would assume.

  • They Promote a Normal Sleep Schedule
    When you start to use an alarm clock on a regular basis, you set up your biological clock, aka your internal clock, to follow a routine. You can help promote a healthier sleep pattern as well as maintain a schedule much better with the help of an alarm clock.
  • You Stay on Time with Everyone Else
    Because the rest of the world (well, most of it) is also running on a schedule, it’s best to keep yourself running similarly. Imagine a world without alarm clocks. Businesses and schools wouldn’t be able to operate as well. Essentially, it would be chaos with everyone arriving at different times. In this day and age, it’s quintessential that people arrive on time.
  • They’re Extremely Reliable Compared to Other Methods of Waking Up
    Rather than relying on your internal clock that can easily be modified against your will, an alarm clock can provide you with a more reliable way to get up every day. It’s common for people who don’t use alarm clocks to wake up at random times through the night just to check the time, which is a big sleep interrupted. Be at peace knowing your alarm is set to wake you up every morning.


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