Commercial Toaster: Top Picks with Buying Guide and FAQs

Commercial Toaster: Top Picks with Buying Guide and FAQs

Getting the best commercial toaster requires precise and complete knowledge about its must-have features. We’re willing to help you out! And so, we provide a list below containing the most recommended commercial toasters online. You can pick one from the list!

A Quick Buying Guide For Commercial Toasters

Through this quick buying guide, you’ll be able to see the best qualities of commercial toasters. Read it thoroughly to find the right commercial toaster.

The first is to check the price and design of the product. The heavy-duty construction will make a commercial toaster last longer than expected while performing well. Check out its wattage speed and slices per hour which should be in a high ratio. Ensure your safety by choosing the one with a safety lock to avoid unfortunate accidents.

Lastly, see whether the bread tray and other components are removable for convenient and easy cleaning.

Types of Commercial Toaster

Let’s compare the two types of commercial toaster, including a pop-up toaster and a conveyer toaster.


This one is made for toasting bread only. It works by only putting the bread on the slot and then wait for it to pop-up crispy and toast. The compact design saves up space in the kitchen.


This is more versatile toaster good for heating, cooking, and baking. The controls are more advanced as you can adjust the quality of cooked foods. It is more in a high-class level of toasters use in restaurants. It is built bigger and bulkier than a pop-up toaster. Of course, conveyer toaster is more than expensive too.

5 Best Commercial Toaster Reviews

1. Cuisinart CPT-180 Metal Classic 4-Slice Commercial Toaster

Cuisinart CPT-180 has multiple toasting functions such as reheat, bagel, and defrost functions. The functions can be easily canceled at your liking through the cancel button. Browning options are adjusted on its shade control setting from light to dark shade of toast. All of it is accompanied by a LED indicator. It has a high-lift lever that pops up toasted bread.

It is designed with two toasters in one smooth brushed stainless housing through the help of dual control panels. This offers 1.5″ toaster slots for a wide variety of bread sizes. Clean the equipment by removing the crumb tray.


  • A known brand
  • Multiple toasting options
  • Has a cord wrap


  • Cannot pop up some bread sizes


2. BLACK+DECKER TR4310FBD Ombre Finish 4-Slice Commercial Toaster

Ombre styling commercial toaster is very pleasing to put in the kitchen. Its extra-wide slots can fit almost all types of bread, including thick bagels. Through its self-centering guides, the breads are kept in the perfect toasting position all throughout. You can choose from seven toast shades on the shade selector. Toasting results can be adjusted according to your need. Its high-lift lever pops up the bread for easy removal.

Just like the prior, it can toast 4-slices of bread at once. The slots could actually fit large artisan slices of bread. It consumes 1500-watts or 375-watts per slice. By pulling out the crumb tray, everything will be out of a mess.


  • Modern design
  • Extra-wide bread slots
  • Several toast shades


  • Didn’t work for some users


3. Waring WCT704 Two-Compartment Commercial Toaster

If you want simpler looking commercial toaster, go for Waring WCT704. It is constructed with durable chrome-plated steel with two extra-long and wide bread slots. With that feature, you can still toast more than two bread simultaneously. It outperforms the other toasters at a rating of 450-watts per slice toasting. It is built with rotary dial browning control and LED indicators. The toaster is also useful for defrosting and reheating.

Even thinnest bread slices can be cooked with Waring WCT704 Toaster because of its self-centering bread rack. It is also great for thicker bread slice and bagels. It derived from the same corporation where Cuisinart came from, the Conair Corporation. This assured the quality it could give.


  • Easy to clean
  • Can perform 120-slices per hour
  • Well-design slots


  • Expensive
  • No stop button


4. VEVOR Commercial Electric Conveyor Toaster

In buying a commercial toaster, consider if there are ways to save up energy in using it. VEVOR Commercial Electric Conveyor Toaster has a standby mode that even when plugged in but not in use, it won’t consume energy. This toaster is perfect for commercial use as it can toast up to 450-slices per hour while consuming only 2600-watts. It performs three toasting modes for more ideal crispiness plus seven browning levels. You can control its speed setting via the adjustable conveyor speed.

The equipment is out of food-grade stainless steel frame that has long-lasting durability. It is perfect for coffee shops, cafes, and at home. This accepts a wide variety of bread. The removable tray collects all the bread crumbs for easy cleaning.


  • Great for commercial use
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Saves up energy consumption


  • Super expensive
  • Too bulky for home use


5. Hamilton Beach 24850 Commercial Toaster

Commercial toasters are usually seen in restaurants and hotels. Hamilton Beach made a UL and NSF standards approved toaster perfect for optimal toasting. The construction is just simply made of brushed chrome housing. That is fingerprint and rust-resistant for everyday use. It contains four extra-wide slots with bread centering guides that can fit thick bread slices. Each pair of slot has a removable tray waiting for the bread remains. This lessens the time of cleaning the toaster.

Through its toasting dial, you can adjust the toasting level from light to dark toast. It also has a bagel function to produce a well-toast bagel. You can call off the toasting at any time via its cancel touch controls.


  • Approved by UL and NSF standards
  • Well-constructed
  • Excellent cancel button


  • Bread doesn’t toast evenly
  • An issue on its toasting speed



Are you still in doubt in buying the commercial toaster that pops on your mind?

Perhaps, some of the questions below are your queries too. The following are five frequently asked questions collected from the customers just like you.

  • How to choose the best commercial toaster?

Nowadays, lots of commercial toasters are available and best picking is so crucial. Make sure you’ve read the buying guide earlier.

To sum it up, you need to consider only three factors before buying a commercial toaster. First is to consider the necessary features it must have. These are the specs worthy of every penny you paid. Next is on how the product is made. Does the manufacturer use high-quality and durable materials? Is it user-friendly? Lastly is to check whether it comes with a warranty. Examine whether the company will cover up any defects and damages in a certain year.

  • Where to buy a commercial toaster?

Commercial toasters are widely available in the market whether in malls, department stores, or appliance stores. However, if you’re looking for a more budgeted option, online shopping portals are now available. And, the most popular and reputable shopping portal is the You can explore the product through consumer reviews and online ratings whether it is a good buy or not. You can be sure it is safe and insured due to the multiple payment options and purchase protection. Shipping fee is at its nominal shipping charge.

  • Do commercial toasters consume too much energy?

As according to the products above, energy consumed is not that high. It only consumes the energy appropriate for toasting bread which couldn’t last for hours. Some models have energy-saving mode especially when not in use plus it doesn’t need to be plugged out of the socket. However, energy consumption majorly depends on how often you use a commercial toaster.

  • Which is better a pop-up toaster or a conveyer toaster?

The answer depends on your needs. If you’ll going to buy a toaster that is applicable for everyday use, choose the prior model. On the other side, conveyer toaster is for someone more serious in toasting goods aside from bread. Either of them is a good buy, anyways.

  • Among the 5 best commercial toasters, which is the best buy?

We pick the VEVOR Commercial Electric Conveyor Toaster as the best under conveyer toaster while for a pop-up toaster, we’ll go for BLACK+DECKER TR4310FBD Ombre Finish 4-Slice Commercial Toaster.

The first one saves up energy as well as perfect for commercial use. Though its price is undeniably high, it has the entire toasting mode you’ll need. Plus, its adjustable speed is lit. It is heavily constructed with food-grade materials that could last longer than most toasters. However, we don’t see Vevor Commercial Electric Conveyor Toaster to be used at home because of its bulkiness.

Styling is a plus in every purchase so we choose BLACK+DECKER TR4310FBD. Of course, we’re not only hooked on its look but more of its features offered. That includes extra-wide slots with a self-centering guide, adjustable shade selector, high lift lever, and less energy consumption. You can have it any time because of its affordability. The downfall is it fails to operate for some users.



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