10 Best Convection Microwave Ovens: Buying Guide And Reviews

A convection microwave oven is handy –it is one of the most beneficial contemporary kitchen appliances. The best convection microwave oven helps in reducing the cooking time, it ensures nutrient-rich meals, as well as fuel consumption.

Having a handy device is important for families who hardly have time to cook yet also want to start a fresh life.

Amongst the most important benefits of owning a convection microwave oven is the extra benefit. The thought of the fire-free cooking type came to an end only when the creation of different kinds of microwave ovens started.

Aside from the facility, the safety of the kitchen has improved significantly, as well. Nonetheless, not all of the commercially available convection microwave ovens offer the same benefits.

People must only invest in kitchen appliances after scrutinizing them in all their aspects. This review is intended to help you out of the same problems.

If you’re searching for a convection oven and you’re confused due to all the fake ads, this is the lone criticism that you need to read. Before we begin with the best selections, let us first explain why we need a convection oven in the kitchen.

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Best Convection Microwave Oven: Top 10 Picks

And as a lot of people may understand, buying a good item is way easier on paper. About the actual purchasing process, you’re very much likely to make a bad decision.

In this review, we reviewed the market and summarized the list below of the top 10 best convection microwave ovens, so you can choose one based on your usage.


Sharp R1874T Over-The-Range Convection Microwave

This is a smart over-the-range convection microwave that comes with a stainless steel structure, as well as a sophisticated appearance. It is available with a glass window –this unit has a spacious 1.1 cu. ft. interior and has 850 watts of power.

Some brilliant features that customers expect with this include a 13-inch ceramic turntable, 25 automatic settings, a CompuDefrost that defrosts the food by its weight, as well as a 4-way convection system


  • Its heating power is precise, providing the food a chance to cook up evenly and fast
  • You may turn the turntable easily on or off with only a press of a button when you are preparing large meals
  • Its interior is very spacious, accommodating a whole turkey or chicken easily
  • It has a simplified microwave and convection cooking experience –since it has smart sensors and one-touch settings


  • The menu buttons are rather complex, thus making it difficult to understand, especially for the aged users
  • Even though the interior is stainless, it is so tough, giving you trouble when cleaning
  • The fan has two speeds that are too loud


Cuisinart CMW – 200

This is smaller than the other convection microwaves in this list, yet it doesn’t fail on performance. Even though it merely has 1.2 cubic feet. oven space, it can still deliver 1000 watts of power.

Additional to this power is the multi-condition cooking flexibility of the model. You can defrost a meal in this oven, and then heat it, and lastly grill the top for a very crispy topping without taking it out of the oven once.

Furthermore, this oven also comes with a 3-year warranty, so Cuisinart is confident that their convection microwave may go the distance. With multi-stage cooking and 9 pre-set menus, this oven mill surely becomes an exceptional aid in the kitchen.


  • It comes with a 3-year warranty
  • 1000-watts of power
  • 9 pre-set menus
  • 3-function multi-stage cooking


  • Expensive compared to some other similar brands
  • Convection heat element at its top may result in an uneven cooking


Panasonic NN-SN936B Microwave Oven

The Panasonic is part of the new wave of convection microwave ovens, which use patented inverter technology, to deliver fast and even heat, just as any other convection ovens.

Moreover, Panasonic claims that the stream of heat that comes from this oven is seamless –and it makes for a more balanced distribution. This oven also has 125 watts of power, and having a 16.5-inch turntable, getting the biggest pans to fit will not be a problem.


  • Roasts, broils, browns, and bakes
  • 2.2 cubic feet of oven space
  • 1250-watts of power
  • 16.5-inch turntable


  • The unit is prone to failure after several months


Toshiba ECO 42A5C Oven

Toshiba –this is one of the favorites and a strongly favored in the microwave world –hence it is no surprise that they made it on this list. The Toshiba ECO 42A5C boasts 1.5 cubic feet of oven space, together with a massive 13.6-inch glass plate. Further, it also has a convection oven setting, which may reach temperatures of up to 425 degrees.

Furthermore, it might not be the smallest oven on the list, yet it’s amongst the most reliable. Toshiba employs a sensor cooking in it, which helps in ensuring that the food gets cooked consistently.

Further, with its auto menus for baking, defrosting, and roasting, there should not be any case where the Toshiba does not perform well.


  • Super-size 13.6-inch turntable
  • Auto bake and roast setting
  • Smart sensor cooking
  • One-touch start facility and easy clean feature


  • Build quality issues
  • No mute setting


Breville Smart BOV845BSS Convection Microwave Oven

This particular convection microwave oven is a bit not the same as the other ovens. It has a very extraordinary appearance and design.

It has button controls, unlike ordinary composition controls. Dissimilar to most overloaded convection microwaves, this features interior lighting to assist in controlling the cooking progress.

Having 1800-watt power, you don’t need to worry about preparing the dishes, which might take a lot of time to cook. Furthermore, cleaning its interior is a tiring task, however, as it has a nonstick coating inside its cooking space.


  • Grilling and cooking accessories are included in the package
  • 1800-watts of power
  • Inner light may facilitate the meal monitoring
  • 0.8 cubic feet of cooking area
  • Efficient cooking


  • Smaller oven -0.8 cubic feet


Daewoo KOC-9HAFDB Convection Oven

The Daewoo KOC-9HAFDB convection microwave oven and air fryer is a very clever type of convection oven since it’s a grill, an air fryer, and a microwave convection oven all in just one product. Further, it boasts a 900-wats of power, as well as a 5 automatic set list of options for your convenience.

With its air frying facility, it is capable of delivering healthy and delicious fried food each time you prepare a meal.


  • Two way defrost
  • Child safety lock
  • Convection oven, air fryer, and grill all in one
  • 10 power settings


  • Takes up too much space on the countertop


Farberware Gourmet Smart Sensor FMO 11AESBKA Microwave

This is an example of a microwave combo, which has a smaller oven capacity. In actual fact, it only has 1.1 cubic feet of oven space, yet it comes packed with so many features that you may benefit from.

Its smart sensor cooking feature guarantees that the steam inside of the oven is being regulated for ideal temperature, as well as with the inverter technology, just as any other convection oven. That having said, the heat inside this oven is impeccably disseminated in the chamber for a much faster and much more even bake.


  • Child safety lock
  • Sensor cooking for even distribution of heat
  • 8 automatic menus
  • Inverter technology


  • Over trivial door mechanism
  • Some functions are considerably confusing
  • Smaller oven -1.1 cubic feet


Kitchen Aid KCO273SS Digital Convection Toaster Oven

This is composed of stainless steel body and a lot of built-in features, including a cooling surface right on top for a detachable cooling lattice. Chromed steel oven and cooling framework and high-contrast LCD screen. Further, it features knob-shaped controls and combined lifting handles on its sides. It also comes with a cooking grill and a multipurpose nonstick skillet.

In addition, the grid positions are at the upper middle &bottom for cooking different foods. The upper part is essential for grilling most meats and the second is for baked goods like pizza, cooking in general, as well as reheating. The bottom part gives you enough height to heat.

This convection microwave oven comes with 9 cooking functions that are specially designed for cooking lots and lots of dishes. Its unvarying heating technology might allow you to heat foods in an even manner at optimum temperatures and attain the best results. Also, it has memory settings for temperature and time that will suit your needs.


  • Customizable color
  • Small footprint
  • Simple commands
  • Large oven capacity
  • Dedicated roasting function
  • Fast heating


  • Expensive
  • A little heavy


Wolf Gourmet Convection Oven WGCO100S

This is a class distance and may barely be called an oven toaster. It’s merely a countertop oven, which is grilled, as well. It’s made by WOLD –the prominent brand that develops high-quality home kitchen appliances. This just means that it has superb features that will meet your cooking needs and are manufactured to last long.

The oven capacity is large enough to be utilized for most roasting, grilling, and cooking tasks. Also, its internal size is just as significant. It essentially provides you with approximately 1 cubic foot of internal incinerator capacity.

It also offers 6 cooking modes –warming, grilling, proof, toasting, roasting, and baking. A cookbook of techniques and recipes, as well as maintenance and a user guide,  are included with this oven, during the shipping.


  • Has a great customer service team, who are ready to help you 24 hours every day
  • All of the Wolf kitchen appliances are designed to last for more than 20 years of usage
  • Big enough to help as a second oven
  • Built-in quality to last
  • Easy-to-use and built-in features
  • Accurate temperature probe


  • Has no light inside the oven
  • If you compare it to the traditional oven, the price might seem to be high


Samsung MS14K6000AS Microwave Oven

Samsung –is a well-known brand that doesn’t need any introduction at all. They are indeed a symbol of confidence in the industry of electrical appliances. Coming to this convection microwave oven model is a total delight. This oven has enough large cooking space of 1.4 cubic feet. The manufacturers haven’t hesitated for a bit with the features that they possess. This is one of the best purchases available in the market today.

It is equipped with sensors, which allow the oven to adjust the cooking time automatically. The sensors detect the humidity and temperature for perfect heating. Additionally, food cooking is assured thanks to its Triple Heat Distribution System.

The inside of it is covered with ceramic enamel that makes it very easy to clean. It also features a 14.2-inch turntable for fast and even heating. The display panel may flash blue and is simply readable through LED indicators, to track the cooking progress. Aside from its convenience, there are so many healthy and preset meal choices.


  • Choices of tasty and healthy preset menus
  • Triple heat dispensing system, which assists with even cooking
  • Ceramic enamel interior that facilitates cleaning
  • Sensors, which help the oven to adjust the cooking temperature and time
  • A 14.2-inch turntable that gives enough cooking surface
  • 1.4 cubic feet cooking capacity


  • The darkened interior light makes the vision harder thru the front panel
  • The buttons should be pressed hard enough to work


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can you use the convection setting exclusively without ever utilizing the microwave setting?

A: We do not recommend it. The reason it is called a combo is that it’s expected that to some extent, you’ll use the microwave function. It might also render the warranty invalid if the appliance does not get used as per the guidelines of the manufacturer. If you wish to have a convection oven, our advice is to buy one alone.

Q: What is a limited warranty?

A: A limited warranty is an assurance that the appliance manufacturer may repair or replace the microwave within a set timescale –commonly one year. Check the warranty for you to see what it covers since some might only include the parts and the labor. Further, the magnetron might also have a lengthy warranty, hence it is worth checking it once more.

Q: Does the exterior of the oven get hot?

It does not. Microwave combos are very well-vented and insulated, which is essential in avoiding the outer part of the appliance to get hot. Having said that, make sure that you have your microwave in a certain setting, which allows it to satisfy yourself that you are not invalidating the warranty. In case the unit happens to get hot, unplug it immediately and then report it to the required outlet or brand where you bought it.



Why Prefer A Convection Microwave Oven?

Convection microwave ovens have become so popular due to the combination of the characteristics of both the microwave oven and the standard oven.

The convection microwave ovens might be essential in 3 different ways: (1) to cook and grill, (2) for convection-assisted cooking, and (3) you can also use the combination of the two simultaneously.

People tend to use the combination feature quite often, through their separate appliances or devices. Moreover, microwave oven manufacturers have become aware of conventional microwave ovens and have started to teach them more desired features. This results in the development of convection microwave ovens.

This type of microwave oven operates on a beaming heat source and may cook even more crispy foods, rather than a regular oven. Rather than just emitting heat, like the standard oven, a convection microwave oven runs on a different mechanism.

It has a built-in fan, which aids heat circulation all over the oven. Furthermore, the fan guarantees faster and even cooking using minimal energy.

Additionally, a convection microwave oven utilizes the combination of both the technologies of a standard oven and a microwave oven. It’s so versatile and may perform all the cooking functions –just like cooking.

That is the reason why it is more costly than the other two options. It might also be used in cooking anything from cakes and cookies to pizzas and quiches.

Dissimilar to ordinary solo or ordinary microwaves, convection microwave ovens allow foods to cook hotter. With this, it uses a fan and a certain heating element to circulate the hot air in an even manner. This results in the food taking time to cook and coming out browner, rather than a solo microwave oven. It may also combine convection and grill functions.

Types of Convection Microwave Ovens

There are three major types of convection microwave ovens, each having its own advantages and disadvantages.

Standard Countertop Convection Microwave Ovens

These are my favorites. Anyhow, most of us have our microwave oven on the counter, hence it is easy to find the necessary space. These types of convection microwave ovens are virtually plug and play, which allows you to plug them in and get things moving at a fast pace. Nevertheless, they take up a lot of space on the counter.

The Range Convection Microwave Ovens

These may help in saving a lot of space, yet are much harder to install for an average homeowner. The saved space on the counter is essential for kitchens with limited or restricted space.

Built-In Convection Microwave Ovens

These are often touted as the best of the best among the types of convection microwave ovens. They offer great capacity and ensure that you’ll not need any workspace. Unluckily, they’re also hard to install and you perhaps don’t have any room for one.

Buying Guide for Convection Microwave Oven

The following are what you need to look for when choosing the best convection microwave oven:


A good convection microwave oven must have sufficient watts so you may be able to prepare and eat your meals more quickly. A minimum of 1000 watts of power might be a good way for you to proceed.

Ease of Use

This kitchen appliance is designed in facilitating the work when preparing meals. Hence, the proper option must be easy to use, even though you have never found one.


You need to make sure that the convection microwave oven you choose can distribute the heat very well, works so well, and is suitable to meet your daily needs.


What’s the capacity or size of the cooking space? Is it large enough to put up the food that you want to heat? You need to check this to ensure that you do not select something that isn’t beneficial to you!


The proper convection microwave oven must be made of a material that’s easy to clean. This might avoid having an oven with spots in the event of spills, which is unavoidable with kitchen use.

Quick Preheat

Remember that an ideal convection microwave oven should have a fast preheating capacity, to make sure that you heat your food as quickly as possible. This will also save you time.


An ideal convection microwave oven must have programmable settings like a cooking timer for more convenient use.


Make sure that the convection microwave oven you purchase has a style, which matches the theme of your kitchen, to prevent it from looking inappropriate.


The budget at hand may determine which convection microwave oven you can pick to purchase. Compare the price with the features that you need to get the finest offer.

Display Window

For sure, you don’t want your food to burn simply because you can’t see what’s happening. Make certain that the choice you choose has a transparent window, which allows you to monitor the progress of the food heating.



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