8 Best Portable Workplaces

While most hobbyists, woodworkers, or DIYers enjoy picking the right power tools, there is one tool that you should never forget its importance— a portable workplace or, as many call it, a portable workbench.


Because when it is time to work on your next project, you must have this dedicated space to do what needs to be done. Whether it is cutting, measuring, sawing, or sanding, the best portable workplace is going to make your life easier.

And because today’s models are designed to be lightweight for easy transport, you can bring your work to any job site so you can work more efficiently.

However, with lots of portable workplaces available today, choosing the right one can be quite confusing. So, we’ve taken the hard part and listed the top compact workplaces.


8 Best Portable Workplaces Reviewed

1. Keter Folding Table Work Bench Review

1. Keter Folding Table Work BenchComing on top of our list, it is hard to beat the reliability and functionality that this Folding Table Work Bench from Keter.

This folding workbench features a different look. However, there is nothing unorthodox about its capability to be a robust and extremely reliable platform for your everyday household or construction projects. Its work surface provides you with 33. X 22.7 inches of space and can withstand up to 1,000 pounds of load without a problem!

Constructed from heavy-duty resin with aluminum legs, this workplace will never rust and corrode and provide reliable support while working on your projects. Meanwhile, its plastic base is weather-resistant that will not peel or fade under the sun, making it extremely durable.

Highly portable, the Keter work table features a unique opening system, making it possible for you to set it up in less than 30 seconds. Closing is equally quick and easy, so you do not have to waste more time assembling your workplace.

  • The work surface holds up to 1000 lbs.
  • Model: Keter 17182239 Folding Work Table
  • Includes 2-12 in. Clamps
  • Made of heavy-duty resin with aluminum legs
  • Unique quick opening system
  • Never rusts


2. WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table Review

2. WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work TableIt is a worktable and sawhorse in one, supporting up to 300 pounds of weight as a worktable and 1,000 pounds of weight as a sawhorse. You can easily convert it from the folded mode to a sawhorse mode and the worktable mode in a matter of seconds, thanks to the built-in leg lock system.

Besides, the Pegasus features two quick clamps and four clamp dogs to hold a variety of materials and stabilize unique shapes, so you feel confident securing various materials with ease. Meanwhile, its compact design allows you easy transport and easily folds down for space-saving storage.

Not only that, it features an innovative design that allows you to connect multiple Pegasus worktables and create a more spacious and versatile work area.


3. BLACK + DECKER WM425-A Portable Workplace Review

3. BLACK + DECKER WM425-A Portable WorkplaceBLACK + DECKER has been a popular and reputable brand of power tools and other equipment. And the Workmate 425-A Portable Workplace is an extremely reliable and durable workbench ideal for woodworkers, carpenters, DIYers, and anyone who needs some assistance in big to small projects.

Featuring a heavy-gauge steel frame construction, the WM425-A has no trouble supporting workpieces of up to 550 pounds. The workbench features a one-handed clamping system, allowing the clamps to be adjusted separately or together. Besides, the adjustable swivel pegs help support a wide variety of shapes by holding oddly shaped workpieces securely holding them.

Meanwhile, the adjustable jaws and the vertical clamping provide stability and flexibility when clamping materials. It even has a handy dual height adjustment, so you can find the most comfortable position and reduce hunching fatigue when working. And since it is portable, this workplace folds up easily for easy transport or simple wall storage to save space.


4. Rockwell RK9002 JawHorseSheetmaster Portable Workplace Review

4. Rockwell RK9002 JawHorseSheetmaster Portable WorkplaceThe Rockwell JawHorseSheetmaster is the only workbench you will need for any job that requires secure clamping. Its powerful clamping jaws allow you to clamp just about anything securely, so you can have hands-free access and safely complete your project.

With its flexible design, this workstation allows you to get your project up and off the ground at a more comfortable working height. You can even use it as a sturdy platform for a tile saw, miter saw, and more.

Whether you are straightening or bending metal, this workstation allows you to be aggressive with your work without any worries. This is due to the industrial pressing power of a 1-ton machine press which is at least ten times clamping power than a regular vise.

Constructed from all-steel materials with a tripod base, this workstation provides extreme durability and exceptional all-terrain stability, so you can work on your projects safely and with confidence. Regardless of where the job is, you can take this reliable workstation with you thanks to its portable folding design that allows for quick and easy transport and storage.


5. Kreg KWS1000 Mobile Workplace Review

5. Kreg KWS1000 Mobile WorkplaceThe Kreg KWS1000 will first entice you with its excellent look— a bright blue and black combination that looks good in any garage. Then you will be drawn to its reliable performance and strong construction that can take a good beating and keep ongoing.

Although you might frown once you look at the price tag, this workbench is worth every penny thanks to the large workspace it offers, as well as the high-quality construction. And if the workspace seems not enough, you can get a bigger work area by joining it with another Kreg Mobile Workplace.

The workbench even offers 30-degree access to your workpiece to make it more convenient for you. Meanwhile, the table’s hole patterns can accept bench dogs from Kreg and other brands, as well as other accessories. It also has a built-in shelf below to hold your tools, among other things.

The workbench also includes 4 bench dogs as well as an auto-adjust bench clamp. It folds and unfolds in a matter of seconds, making it convenient and easy to store or transport in various job sites.


6. BLACK + DECKER WM125 Portable Workplace Review

6. BLACK + DECKER WM125 Portable WorkplaceAnother great portable workplace from BLACK + DECKER, the WM125, is probably the lightest and cheapest bench in this list, making it suitable for those on a tight budget and always-on-the-go carpenters and woodworkers.

Despite its cheap price tag, the WM125 should not be taken lightly. Featuring a durable wooden vie jaw and steel frame, this portable workbench can still hold up to 350 pounds of material with ease. Not only that, it resists swelling and warping for durability that can last for a long time.

The workplace includes integral retention grooves in jaws and swivel pegs that provide high versatility and reliability to easily hold and clamp various materials.

It also features non-skid feet that prevent sliding while you work, providing you the confidence and safety you need. Weighing only 15 pounds, this solid workbench opens and closes easily for simple assembly and disassembly as well as cleaning.


7. WORX WX066 Sidekick Portable Workplace Review

7. WORX WX066 Sidekick Portable WorkplaceThe WX066 Sidekick Portable Workplace is a robust and durable workbench that you can take just about anywhere with ease.

At just 14 pounds, the WORX Sidekick is one of the lightest workbenches that you can find. Plus, it is super easy to set up and disassemble, making it an excellent choice for small shops and remote work sites. The tabletop can transform into a portable carrying case with its metal feet collapsed inside the tabletop for easy storage and transport.

Although lightweight, this workbench ensures durability that can support up to 300 pounds of weight. It features metal legs that will not slip on hard surfaces or even sink in soft ground in terms of stability.

If you need more workspace, the dovetail design of this workbench, in addition to the locking mechanisms on the corners, allows you to connect it with other models and get more working surface. It also comes with doles for bench dogs and two deep storage caddies to keep your supplies and tools within reach.


8. XTRA HAND 2-in-1 Portable Workplace Review

8. XTRA HAND 2-in-1 Portable WorkplaceSimple and small, it may seem, this portable workplace from XTRA HAND has more than that to offer. It works as a bench and platform in one, featuring a collapsible and portable workbench that can transform into a platform with up to 500 pounds of capacity.

Meanwhile, the large, square frame woodwork surface measures 39.8 x 18.8 inches, so you have enough space to work on various materials. It also includes a versatile utility tray, drill-through clearance, V-groove for cutting pipes, and a ruler and protractor for layout work.

On platform mode, the unit allows high-impact polypropylene decking. Meanwhile, the extendable and extruded aluminum legs are incredibly sturdy and will enable you to adjust the unit at a comfortable height. For stability and durability, the unit feature welded steel frames and non-skid feet.

Both modes also offer access to an onboard power strip for plug-in convenience. On the other hand, the built-in handles allow for easy transport from the job site to the job site.


Important Factors To Consider before buying a portable workplace

Tabletop Size

The tabletop size will determine how much space you have for your work area, so it only makes sense that it is the first thing you need to consider.

Regarding top size, you need to think about the projects and tasks you usually do. If you only need a portable workbench for making several precision cuts, a small one should do just fine; however, if you will need to assemble large frames or fix drawers, then the more extensive the top, the better.


They are called “portable” workbenches for a reason.

Although the general rule is that heavier workbenches are more stable, you will need something light to take it to your job site.

You do not want to be carrying a 50-pound bench around every day. The good news is, most of the lightweight, portable workplace of today features wide stances that provide great stability while offering you an option to carry it with you anywhere.


A portable workplace needs to be sturdy and can carry materials twice its weight or more. For this consideration, you need to look at its construction.

You can get portable workplaces with durable plastic tops and steel frames. Some offer lower-quality plastic with aluminum frames. Others are made of wood and steel, which boast a more traditional style.

Steel frames are the sturdiest ones, and they will shake the least while working. Meanwhile, plastic tabletops can make you uncomfortable. However, they are on the lightweight side, and the best qualities are even comparable to wood.

Also, most workbenches feature webbing underneath, which adds a lot of strength without the extra weight.

Ease of Assembly

Every minute counts when you’re working on an important project or nearing a strict deadline. Thus, you do not want a workplace that takes time to assemble.

The best portable workplace should be straightforward to assemble. Still, some models don’t even require any assembly and are ready to use straight out of the box.


Whether you are cutting or sanding, you will need to clamp down the material for better precision. And the best workplace is those that come fully equipped with clamps, eliminating the need for you to use external ones and speed up your work.

However, you need to check the clamps’ quality and make sure that they are adjustable and secure enough with sizes that suit most of your projects.


Whether you’re just learning the trade, a DIYer, or an experienced woodworker, a portable workplace makes a great addition to any tool and equipment collection. They provide a reliable and durable place to work on various materials.

Meanwhile, their compact design allows for quick and easy transport, so you can easily bring your work with you wherever you need it and even folds it down for space-saving storage.



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