Best Swimming Pool Cover for Winter

Having your very own private pool can give you a lot of pros and cons. One of the beneficial benefits for you is that a swimming pool could provide you relief from stress and fatigue.

It could also give you a full-body workout. While the cons are, you always have to maintain your pool for proper hygiene, which is a lot of work and could also become dangerous for kids and pets when not covered.

11 Best Swimming Pool Covers Reviewed

This section will list down one of the best pool covers that you can choose from for your pool. I have mentioned the use of rollers below, but for the benefit of everyone. I will mostly review the pool covers that use brass anchors or water tubes rather than reel-in rollers.

1. Blue Wave Pool Safety Cover

1. Blue Wave Pool Safety CoverHere is a premium pool cover that is strong enough to support the weight of your whole family. Not only can you maintain your pool, but you can also protect your pet and child from falling into the pool even if you are not around.

It has a long-lasting dirt defender and is very durable. The pool cover is made up of a strong two-ply mesh with a break strength of 4,000lbs, yet it is light enough to put on and off your pool for only five minutes or less.

When used, the pool cover is held in place by a lot of brass anchors. These anchors have a tamped and drill style, meaning it permanently secures the concrete’s brass anchors. This will assure you that it will keep your kids and pets from drowning accidentally. Also, the cover can be great winter protection for your swimming pool. The product also has a 12-year warranty.


2. GLI Rectangle Pool Safety Cover

2. GLI Rectangle Pool Safety CoverThis rectangular pool cover comprises a two-ply mesh material. It could resist sunlight, harsh chemical damage, mildew, and rot. Because of the use of mesh, it will allow the water to drain into the pool while also keeping the large debris and leaves off the water.

The package includes stainless steel springs, a storage bag, brass anchors for the deck’s concrete, and an installation tool.

This pool cover is only for the use of rectangular pools. Make sure that there are at least 3 feet of concrete deck around the whole perimeter of the pool. Also, make sure that there are no installed objects at least 18 inches away from the pool’s edge, for example, a diving stand, ladders, the legs of slides, handrails, and more.

NOTE: if you have purchased this item for a customized pool or if it doesn’t accommodate your pool’s size, the 12-year warranty of the pool cover will be void.


3. Water Warden Pool Safety Cover

3. Water Warden Pool Safety CoverAll types of Water Warden safety pool covers are double-strapped and triple-stitched throughout the top and bottom sides. The double strap adds a second layer of durability and protection. The product’s packaging already includes a heavy-duty hardware kit, and all components are made from nicely crafted materials. The package includes solid brass and heavy-duty stainless steel aluminum. The springs are specifically designed to ignore the use of buckles.

The solid safety pool cover could 100% virtually block the sun’s harmful rays. Also, it prevents the formation of algae in your pool. It’ll make your cleaning much faster. The lightweight and the 2 strap webbing will allow the water or rain to seep through the pool while also keeping the twigs, leaves, and other kinds of debris out.


4. Pool Mate Blue Winter Pool Cover

4. Pool Mate Blue Winter Pool CoverHere is another in-ground pool cover that could not only protect your pool in summer, but it could also protect it from harsh winter conditions. The product is polyethylene, heavy-duty material that could stop the growth of algae by preventing UV rays from going into your pool. The cover could also prevent dirt, leaves, and other debris from entering the pool’s water.

If you make your purchase with this product, make sure that you order the right size. When used, the pool cover should stay afloat on the surface of the pool comfortably. The material may be lightweight, but it is more than durable because all of the cover’s seams are heat-sealed. This product comes with a 10-year warranty.


5. Blue Wave In-Ground Pool Winter Cover

5. Blue Wave In-Ground Pool Winter CoverFor those who are on a tight budget but still wanted a very durable pool cover, then here’s the product for you. This pool cover might be much cheaper than the other cover products, but the level of its durability and strength are the same as the other products, which costs twice the price of this one.

This cover has a rugged polyethylene coating and scrim that could withstand the worst winter condition. Also, these products are UV protected, meaning they could last for years, even with direct sunlight. The black underside of the cover could prevent the growth of algae, and with the help of the heat-sealed seams, it will provide you with a clear pool the next spring.

Every 4 feet of the cover has loops to help secure the water bags, same for the corner grommets. This is for an extra tie for strong winds. NOTE: the water bags are sold separately. This cover defender has an 8-year warranty.


6. Sun2Solar Clear Solar Cover

6. Sun2Solar Clear Solar CoverAre you looking for a swimming pool cover that could not only keep the leaves and debris away but cold also heat your pool? Then the Sun2Solar Cover I the one that you need. The clear cover blanket comprises thousands of tiny bubbles that’ll face down in your pool.

These bubbles will work together to collect and retain the collected heat in your pool. The clear-colored blanket will let the sun’s UV rays penetrate much deeper into the pool’s water.

This clear cover could not only heat your entire swimming pool, but it could also prevent the pool’s water from evaporating for at least 95%. Keeping your pool covered for the whole day will reduce the amount of water lost in nature’s environment.

If your pool has a unique shape, like, a bean-like shape, you could trim this pool cover to make it fit into your pool’s shape. Don’t worry. Cutting the clear cover will not affect the product’s warranty.


7. Pool Mate Winter Pool Cover

7. Pool Mate Winter Pool CoverIf you don’t own an in-ground pool but own an above-ground pool, then here’s a good pool cover for you. This product doesn’t go far from the quality of the other products. This sandstone swimming pool cover could protect your above-ground pool from the harsh winter weather.

Like the other covers, this product is also made from a high-quality, polyethylene material that could block any dirt and debris throughout the whole winter. You can also use this cover during the summer.

It prevents the growth of algae by blocking the sun’s UV rays from entering the pool. Those who use a pool cover during the winter often put a winterizing chemical in the water. This is so that they’ll have a clean pool in the winter and will be easy to open.

I recommend that you open your pool in mid to late May. This cover comes with a 12-year warranty.


8. Blue Wave Silver Oval Above-Ground Pool Cover

8. Blue Wave Silver Oval Above-Ground Pool CoverHere is a swimming pool cover for those who have an oval-shaped above-ground pool. This Dirt Defender has a 12-year warranty. This pool cover may be cheap, but it has all the durability and strength of the other high-priced covers.

It will provide your swimming pool with years of winter protection. It has a heavy woven polyethylene coating and scrim to make the cover strong enough to withstand snow, wind, and sleet.

Also, the cover is stabilized with UV to protect your pool from the harmful rays of the sun. It also lessens the amount of water that evaporates from your pool’s water. The black underside of the cover prevents algae growth, while the heat-sealed seams will help provide you with a crystal clear pool the next spring. This oval cover has a 12-year warranty.


9. Robelle Premier Winter Pool Cover

9. Robelle Premier Winter Pool CoverThis premier winter cover is not like the other previous pool covers. Unlike the other products, the Robelle cover doesn’t allow water to pass through it. All Robelle pool covers are made with one of the strongest polyethylene materials. The top, solid cover of this product prevents harmful UV rays from entering, while the black bottom side of the cover prevents the algae from growing.

If you purchase one of these products, make sure to order by pool size. The overlap will go beyond the pool sizes that are listed. If used, the cover should be floating comfortably on top of the pool’s surface without stress.

The cover includes a heavy-duty binding around the whole perimeter of the body. It prevents the product from getting worn out and being torn apart. It helps keep the set of grommets in place and will add to the cover’s life expectancy. Unlike the other covers, this has a 15-year warranty.


10. Midwest Canvas Clear Diamond Cover

10. Midwest Canvas Clear Diamond CoverWant another alternative to a heating blanket for your pool? Here’s another great choice. Unlike the earlier mentioned heating blanket, the bubbles of this product are shaped like a diamond.

The diamonds of this product contain more bubbles per square foot than any of the other blankets. This makes the product one of the best choices when taking advantage of the sun’s heat.

One of the best things you can get when using a product like this is free heat. Taking advantage of the sun’s heat by using a pool cover like this will save you a lot of energy and money. You won’t have to use an electric heater to heat the pool. Not only will it provide you with warmth, but it will also protect your pool from dirt and all kinds of debris. This will always help maintain your pool clean.


11. Swimline Net Top Cover

11. Swimline Net Top CoverThis convenient net cover can go on top of your pool’s winter cover. If you are too lazy to sweep or blow off the leaves from the top of your pool’s winter cover, then you could use a net to remove the collected twigs and leaves easily. Instead of sweeping, blowing, or opening the winter cover to take off the leaves, you can remove the net instead.

Aside from winter covers, it could also work well for solar covers. The Swimline Deluxe is made of an unusually durable woven material. This leaf net could also catch the smallest debris before it gets into your pool’s cover.

The Advantage and Disadvantages of Swimming Pool Covers

Every private and public pool, should know how to take care of swimming pools always to ensure hygiene and safety for people. Having one of the best pool covers could be beneficial for both commercial and home pools. Here’s why:

– Advantages –

Here are several advantages that you can get when you use a pool cover:

+ Safety

Pool accidents occur almost yearly because kids and pets fall into an unguarded and uncovered pool. For a private pool, you’ll never know when your kids will play near the pool and then accidentally slip into it. Like pets, and unlike public pools, there will always be a lifeguard on patrol.

Many incidents have proven that getting your pool covered can be life-saving for pets, kids, and those who don’t know how to swim.

+ Reduce the Use of Chlorine

One of the most common water sanitizers is Chlorine. However, its effectiveness degrades when it is exposed to UV light for a long time. This means that you’ll have to put chlorine again in your pool. But if the pool is covered, it’ll help reduce the number of UV rays hitting the pool’s water. This means that you won’t consume much.

If your pool is saltwater, your chlorinator will use less energy. And if you use liquid chlorine, you’ll be significantly useless, letting you save time for refilling and money.

+ Keeps Leaves Off of the Pool

And of course, if the pool is covered, it’ll keep the leaves from going in and sinking into the pool. Meaning, it’ll keep your pool much cleaner and lessen the dirt load in your pumps and filters. The leaves will fall onto the cover, keeping it dry. You can use either sweep it off, pick it up, or blow or suck it with a leaf blower. Or you can also just let the wind blow it off again.

If you don’t do any of the things above, you can just easily collect them when you remove the cover without letting them fall onto the pool.

+ Lessens Evaporation

If the pool is covered, it’ll keep it from being exposed to the sun for a very long time. The loss of water because of evaporation is significant. It’ll virtually eliminate evaporation with a floating cover if it is kept on the pool when not in use. The pool cover will not only lessen the evaporation but will also prevent your pump from being damaged.

If your pool’s water level drops way below the height of the skimmer because of evaporation, instead of water, your pump will suck in air instead of quickly damaging the pump. Using a pool cover, you will no longer have to constantly put the hose in the pool to refill the pool’s water. In this way, you’ll waste less water, and your water bill will slightly go down.

+ Increases Water Temperature

If you live in a cold country, even with the sun out, you’ll most probably want a hot bath rather than a cold one. But if you would instead swim in a hot pool, then you can do just that. In some cases, when a pool is covered, it’ll gain in temperature by as much as 4 degrees. This can be significant for saving energy and money. You’ll less often use an electric heater for the pool.

The more your covered pool gets direct sunlight, the more beneficial temperature that it can offer for you.

+ You’ll Have a Self-Reliant Pool

Because of the reduced chlorine consumption, evaporation, and less chance of your pool’s water level getting too low, it’ll require it with less regular supervision. This means you’ll be less likely to encounter a problem while you are away, whether you are too busy or out of the country for a holiday.

+ Could Prevent Flow Blockages

Since the leaves will most probably remain on top of the cover, they won’t end up getting into your skimmer basket, which can cause a flow blockage when you left it unattended. Flow blockages could reduce the effectiveness of the chlorinator and filter. This will result in poor water quality, and your pool will also have a higher chance of becoming a green pool because of moss production. It could also lead to equipment failure. They could place an extra load on your pumps.

 – Disadvantages – 

The disadvantages of using a pool cover are not many, but it is still worth mentioning. Here are a few disadvantages of pool covers:

– Could be a bit Bothersome

Unlike a covered swimming pool, with an uncovered one, you’ll have to jump in to enjoy a quick swim in the water. However, you will need to roll up the cover with a covered one before you can swim and then put it back on after.

– Unattractive

Getting your swimming pool covered can look a bit hideous. Some people don’t like the look of pool covers.

– Irregular Shaped Pool

It can be quite difficult to put on a pool cover for an irregular-shaped swimming pool, for example, it might be impossible to use a cover on a roller if your pool is shaped like a kidney bean or curved. Pool covers work best on rectangular ones.

– Leave Enough Space for the Roller

You need enough space for the roller on your pool deck. It is where you can store the cover when not in use. The pool fence often has limited space within. It will restrict the access of the roller to the pool.

– Make the Pool Cover More Tolerable

Now that you know some of the pool cover’s advantages and disadvantages, how can you make the disadvantages more tolerable?

Here are a few things:

– Colored Pool Cover

The most common colors of pool covers that you can choose from are green and blue. A white floating variant is also available. If you want to have more color alternatives, you can look for a rigid pool cover.

– Lessons on Space Problems

If the layout permits a roller, you can install a covered pit at the end of your swimming pool to house the roller.

– Hassle-Free

If you are not up to the idea of putting the cover off or on the pool every time you go for a swim. Then if you have a big budget, you can get a motorized rigid cover. This way, you won’t have to remove and put on the pool cover manually.


Choosing a good pool cover is one of the most important decisions you could make because it doesn’t only let you save money. It could also save lives. It could prevent a child or animal from falling into the pool and getting drowned accidentally. In a private pool, no one is guarding the place 24/7.

So if you have a family, buying one of the best cover products above for swimming pools is necessary. Remember, don’t think much about the cost. Just think about the cover as an excellent device to keep your family safe.



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