15 Best Mattresses Under $300 – Soft, Firm & Memory Foam

If you have always thought that you have to spend thousands of dollars on a high-quality mattress, then you will be glad to know that it’s not always true.

If you are set to change your mattress but have a tight budget, then you have come to the right place. We did some digging and all the hard work for you and created a list of the best cheap mattresses.

Best Mattress Under $300 Complete Buyer’s Guide

15. Lucid Full Hybrid Mattress

15. Lucid Full Hybrid MattressThis 10-inch full hybrid mattress is made using Bamboo Charcoal fermentations, which absorb dampness from your skin and remove all odors so that your bed will remain hypoallergenic. The Aloe Vera fermentations promote everyday freshness by making a relaxing and calming environment.  In addition to that, it leaves a positive effect on your skin.

Its memory foam offers additional comfort by incorporating a layer of support. The Lucid hybrid mattress has a total dimension of 54” by 75”. The good thing about this mattress is that it comes with a ten-year warranty in contradiction of manufacturer defects.

This inexpensive yet comfortable mattress is specifically designed to alter the way you rest or sleep over its supportive latex structure. With this mattress, rest assured you will have a well-rested and good night’s sleep.

Either way, it is a dual-layered mattress its cushioned foam is supported with 5.5 inches of steel coils to offer long-term support for your back. Furthermore, the Lucid Fully Hybrid Mattress has an extra layer of three-inch of ventilated latex points. Nonetheless, this product comes with protection or a cover, which is knitted from a Tencel lyocell blend.

  • Its breathable cover offers a cool and calm sleeping experience.
  • The latex layer of this mattress makes sure a responsive and sturdy construction.
  • It is a hypoallergenic and dust-mite-resistant mattress.
  • Its average-firm feature makes it comfy for any sleeping position.
  • It is inexpensive and luxurious.


14. Classic Brands Cool Gel & Ventilated Memory Foam

14. Classic Brands Cool Gel & Ventilated Memory FoamThis mattress is the ultimate option for comfort and comes with a Gel-infused memory. The memory foam used in this mattress is breathable, meaning it can get rid of body heat and make a cooler sleeping surface. Classic Brands, on the other hand, is aesthetically appealing. It sports a meticulous waterfall edge as well as knit sides that improve its breathability.

Furthermore, this mattress combines 3 layers of high-quality gel, a high-compact base, and memory foam to give its users a comfortable sleep experience. Either way, every layer tailors to various benefits.

The memory foam alters the shape to regulate your body temperature and match your body. It is also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial therefore resisting dust, molds, and bacteria. This mattress offers a middling plush feel, while its base is flexible. It means you can easily adjust it depending on your preference. The Classic Brands Mattress can also be rolled and rolled easily.

And since it’s adjustable, you can pair it with traditional frames for more benefits. It is supple while maintaining integrity and support. Nonetheless, this mattress is accessible in several sizes.

  • This mattress eases pressure points.
  • Its cooling sensation lasts a long.
  • Its side sleeping pillow offers a brilliant support system.


13. Signature SleSleep Mattress

13. Signature Sleep MattressThis mattress comes with a 3.5 inches top layer (memory foam) and 8.5 inches layer of high-density foam. Every layer serves an exceptional purpose. The density foam offers firmness while the memory foam contours to your body’s shape and offers a comfortable sleep.

However, the users are advised to give the Signature Sleep Mattress up to 72 hours for the smells to dissipate and for expansions. On the other hand, this mattress is made using a certified foam free from heavy metals, formaldehyde, ozone depletion, and flame retardation. Moreover, memory foam is portable and simple to roll.

The Signature Sleep is a mattress that is economically friendly and reduces pressure on the body using balance support and the same weight distribution. Also, the memory foam comes with a soft mattress that is easy to clean. The soft mattress is created using a breathable knitted fabric. It also has an individually wrapped coil system that improves its support and minimizes motion transfer.

The Signature Sleep Mattress is perfect for those who are suffering from protracted body pains. Either way, since it doesn’t come with cooling technology, you need to buy a mattress protector or cool touch sheet, especially if you live in a tropical climate. Furthermore, its fabric cover isn’t removable.

This mattress features 3 regions for support, which are constructed to offer relief to parts from pain. Nonetheless, its surface is medium-firm while the gel lessens the heat.

  • This mattress lessens the pressure.
  • Its fabric cover is soft and breathable.
  • It offers excellent support.
  • Comes with minimum motion transfer
  • It features good edge support.


12. Linenspa Latex Hybrid Mattress

12. Linenspa Latex Hybrid MattressThis mattress has 4 layers of latex and foam that make a supportive surface and nice firmness while being soft. Even so, the latex is unbiased to temperature and cools better than other foam mattresses. Its high-quality steel coil is individually wrapped to defend motion transfer.  Moreover, the steel coiled is covered with firm foam to offer edge support.

Like other mattresses currently available on the market, Linenspa Latex Hybrid Mattress also comes with ten years of warranty. This product has a total dimension of 54” by 75” and has a medium-firm feel. Nonetheless, it is best suited for those who sleep on their back and stomach because of its composition and structure.

This mattress comes with a cover (two-tone), which is sophisticated, making it ideal for guest rooms or bedrooms. Moreover, the lower layers of this mattress are synthetic.

The good thing about the Linenspa Latex Hybrid Mattress is that you can use it immediately once it arrives. However, it needs 48b hours to go back to its original shape completely. Since it is a vacuum-sealed mattress, it makes a nasty odor, but it can be ventilated out for a couple of hours to eliminate the trapped odors.

Either way, it’s one of the simplest but most beautiful designs for memory foam mattresses.  Most importantly, it is a hypoallergenic mattress as well as clear of irritating allergies and dust mites.

  • It is inexpensive.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Its latex, as well as Gel-infused memory foam, can make a shove feel.
  • It is durable and springy.


11. Mattress America Frost

11. Mattress America FrostIt is a hybrid mattress that has dimensions that differ on the mattress’s size. This mattress has a 1-3-inch pocket coil pillow. Moreover, it is very soft and durable. This mattress maker has more than 1.7 million sales, and this reliability increased because of their 25 years of warranty.

Nonetheless, its 10-inch pocket coils that are individually wrapped make the support and resistance a user requires to uphold a stable feel. Even so, the Mattress America Frost has a total dimension of 80” by 13” by 60”, while its rigidity is medium to stable. Besides, this product weighs 90 pounds and is made with memory foam, coils, and a gem. It also comes with a breathable and thick cover, and it will expand after two weeks.

Mattress America Frost is available in various sizes, such as Twin XL, Queen, King, and Full. On the other hand, the mattress is accessible in two thicknesses, 11 inches, and 13 inches. The coil offers a foundational steadfastness that retains the mattress bouncy for a couple of years.

However, this mattress does have a restriction due to the discrete coil entities, but its Gel technology can dissipate and spread body heat, resulting in a cooler base. Furthermore, it is an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic mattress and makes a healthy environment.

  • It is handily packed and can be transported with ease.
  • Comes with a breathable and washable cover.
  • It is an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic mattress.
  • Utilizes a gel cooling technology.
  • It comes with a long warranty and excellent customer service.
  • There’s no motion transfer.


10. Arctic Dreams by Dreamfoam Bedding

10. Arctic Dreams by Dreamfoam BeddingThis triple-layer mattress by Dreamfoam Bedding is made of 2.5” of Energex gel and .75” of high-compact soft quilting foam and then covered with 0.75” of high-compact polyurethane foam.

The Arctic Dreams is infused, comfortable, and breathable, which promises a good night’s sleep. On the other hand, this mattress is rolled and compressed into a box, plus it comes with 10 years warranty.

However, its polymer construction is open and responds to springs or latex, making perfect pressure points. Even though this mattress does not feel cool indeed, it helps regulate body heat. Another good thing about Arctic Dreams is that it does not contain heavy chemicals such as lead and mercury. With that said, you can comfortably rest or sleep without distressing about being unprotected from poisonous fumes.

Furthermore, it is sturdy, practical, and easy to move and assemble. Also, it does not consume too much space. Even so, this model is ideal for those who are looking for a mattress that has a medium feel or planning to purchase from a popular manufacturer.

Its comfort layer is soft enough to relieve body pains and dense enough to offer support for your back. This mattress also has more bounce than other old-style memory foam mattresses. Not only that, it is accessible in eight sizes.

  • It offers excellent value and a CertiPUr-US certified.
  • It offers excellent curvature.
  • This mattress has an accurate amount of bounce.


9. Best Price Mattress

9. Best Price MattressThis mattress is top-rated for its memory foam that moves to upkeep your body, soft, and supple. The memory foam protects your spine and alleviates pressure providing aid to people with prolonged back pain.

The Best Price Mattress has a 2-inch soft foam that has a pressure-assist system. 3-inch of memory foam, 5-inch of high-compact foam. It also comes with ten years warranty and is proven hypoallergenic.

One of this mattress’s unique features is that it molds itself depending on the user’s body temperature and transforms shape; consequently, allocating weight equally and having a great night’s sleep.

There pressure system of this mattress functions in a manner that protects your body from danger. The Best Price Mattress is accessible in Queen (60” by 80” by 10”), Full (54” by 75” by 10”), and Twin (39” by 75” by 10”) sizes. Moreover, it is ideal for consumers who are looking for a high-quality mattress at a reasonable price.

It is more affordable compared to other mattresses that are currently available on the market. Furthermore, it is also lighter and has a softer feel.

  • A very comfy mattress.
  • This mattress is firm enough.
  • It is ideal for various sleeping positions.


8. Weekender Hybrid Mattress

8. Weekender Hybrid MattressThis mattress has coils that are encased individually, which offer great edge support and restrict motion transfer. As a result, the movements on the bed are limited. The Weekender Hybrid Mattress has 2.5-inch convoluted foam, comfort foam, and memory foam that offers a breathable surface and more cushions for all kinds of sleeping surfaces and styles.

Its two-toned fabric covers are durable and sophisticated at the same time, adding style to your room. The Weekender Hybrid Mattress is the quintessence of an affordable price. Plus, this item is backed with 10 years warranty.

Besides, this inexpensive mattress is perfect for any type of home. Whether you’re to a new home or into college, the Weekender Hybrid Mattress is something worth getting. On the other hand, this mattress has one-inch convoluted foam, which tops the coil and makes it breathable and plush. The airflow in this mattress offers long-term cooling while its memory foam exists up to modern style.

  • This mattress is very affordable.
  • The mattress’s top layer is super soft.
  • The odor vanishes quickly.
  • It also has outstanding customer service.
  • This hybrid mattress stays cool.


7. Zinus Cloud-Like Mattress

7. Zinus Cloud-Like MattressThe Zinus Cloud-like mattress has two inches of foam quilted jacquard and microfiber cover. Three inches of comfort foam, 5 inches of high-compact base foam, and 2 inches of memory foam. On the other hand, memory foam is made using natural plant oil, charcoal, and green tea to lessen the destructive effects.

Even so, the compression technology of this cloud-like mattress is patented and makes sure that the mattress is compressed. The technology also makes sure that mattresses are shipped and rolled conveniently. Moreover, this durable mattress is backed with 10 years warranty. However, users are advised to use the mattress after three days to adjust to its original shape and room temperature.

This mattress has 4 kinds of foam, making it more comfortable, and they offer a plush and rich feel. Furthermore, this product’s layering system contours your body shape and offers a smoother sleeping surface. Also, it uses a Viscolatex Responsive foam, a foam that has high density and greater resilience, which makes sure you get up feeling rested and offers more firmness to the mattress.

Either way, the Zinus Cloud-like mattress is accessed in three different models: premium (12 inches), supreme (10 inches), and deluxe (8 inches). When it comes to the upper layer, it’s designed to offer comfort, while the lower part is specifically designed to offer support to your body. In addition to that, it is a very versatile mattress and ideal for individuals of different sleeping positions and body weights.

  • It features a resilient support system.
  • This mattress is made of high-quality materials.
  • It is a good choice for individuals who sleep on their sides and stomachs.
  • Its multiple-layered technology offers coolness.
  • It’s firm and soft.
  • The Zinus Cloud-like Mattress heats regularly.
  • An odorless mattress.


6. Olee Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

6. Olee Sleep Memory Foam MattressThis memory foam mattress is equipped with a seamless layer specially designed to support the body weight and keep it in perfect condition. The Olee Sleep has a one-inch gel, which scatters the temperature all over the mattress to maintain a continuous temperature. Aside from that, this mattress has an inch of another type of foam (the ILD HD) as a defensive cover.

The Olee Sleep Memory Foam Mattress has a total dimension of 80 inches by 60 inches by 10 inches. This mattress is known as the best innovator when it comes to offering paramount sleep experiences. Also, this product is hypoallergenic, and it is extremely durable.

It comes with an eccentric white fabric cover as well as a blue cover at the bottom. Moreover, it consists of pressure relief materials that adapt to your body shape and temperature. Its Gel infusion and freshening memory foam are made from breathable and eco-friendly materials that let you sleep comfortably and properly. This mattress will protect your body from undue strain or harm while keeping its durable height because of its plush support.

  • This mattress allocates weight evenly and upholds even temperature.
  • It is back with 10 years warranty.
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Extremely Durable


5. Zinus Ultima Comfort

5. Zinus Ultima ComfortThe Zinus Ultima Comfort offers customized and comfortable support over the iCoil pinched springs.  This mattress also has foam and a top cover. Its iCoil technology allows motion separation that makes a comfortable and good night’s experience.

The manufacturers utilized a fabric (woven jacquard cool), and it’s sealed using an original technology that allows the mattress to be packed down, rolled, and shipped conveniently. On the other hand, this mattress is made up of premium quality foam known for its durability, performance, and content. Not only that but the Zinus Ultima Comfort mattress is also backed with ten years limited warranty.

The foam, as well as the quilted cover used in this mattress, offers two coats of pressure-releasing foam that keeps your spine’s curvature and offers a comfy sleeping experience that alleviates chronic or permanent back pains.

Even so, the support layer is stable due to its 7.5 inches iCoil pinched springs, which offer support by keeping your body’s position undamaged and retaining the mattress recurring to its rich shape.  The Zinus Ultima Comfort offers firm and medium support for several people, while its pressure-relieving foam is devoid of harmful chemicals, increased comfort, and enhanced reliability.

  • A perfect low-hassle mattress.
  • It is extremely affordable.
  • This mattress has low emissions. Thus it is capable of holding a vigorous inside air quality.
  • It is created without utilizing flame retardants, prohibited phthalates, chlorofluorocarbons, mercury, and formaldehyde, therefore offering you safe sleep and house experience.


4. Classic Brands Mercer

4. Classic Brands MercerA 12-inch hybrid foam that has a luxurious touch and innerspring mattress. The cool layer gel of Classic Brands Mercer fascinates heat from your body. Users, on the other hand, can compress and roll it for ease of usage.

The gel memory foam and the memory foam are combined to develop a pressure-discharging support system and hypoallergenic mattress. This mattress is resistant to several allergens such as bacteria, dust, and mold. Even so, its 10 years warranty made sure that this item is a longtime buddy, while its detailed quilted edges and top and weaved side panels improve its breathability.

Furthermore, the manufacturer of this mattress combines the gel memory foam’s softness with the support of the innerspring’ steel coil. Its .5-inch gel foam extends the body heat and makes a cooler and more comfortable sleeping experience. The third and second layers of the comfort foam are 0.25” thick, while the fourth layer is 05-inch.

Even so, the comfort foam’s 0.75-inch layer is paired with the eight inches layer with spirals that are wrapped separately. Since the spirals are individually wrapped, they independently moved from one another, minimized movement perception, and made an undisturbed and comfortable sleep.

  • It uses the newest technology.
  • It distributes body heat.
  • This mattress offers an exceptional sleeping environment and lessens body pains.
  • Comes with a beautiful pillow-top knit cover.


3. Signature Design Chime Express Memory Foam by Ashley

3. Signature Design Chime Express Memory Foam by AshleyThis queen-sized mattress lets you have a long and deep sleep because its memory foam will adapt to your body regardless of your sleeping position or body type. This 12 inches mattress comes rolled and compressed, which makes it efficient during shipping.

This Chime Express Memory Foam is built with various layers of memory foam that offer pressure relief and firm support, making it ideal for people with prolonged back pain. This product also offers an additional soft feel. Either way, the support foam offers undisturbed sleep and restricts motion transfer.

The Signature Design Chime Express Memory Foam is very easy to maintain and made up of hypoallergenic supplies. Moreover, it keeps pet dander, mold, pollen, and dust mites away. This mattress is perfect for adults and kids who are sensitive to the above-mentioned allergens.

This queen-sized mattress has a total dimension of 59” by 79” by 12”. Aside from that, it also arrives in a beautiful box with handles and wheels, making it easier to transport. However, the box spring and foundation don’t come with the product. It means you need to buy them separately.

  • It offers a comfortable and great night’s rest.
  • This mattress lessens back pain.
  • It is ideal for adults and kids.


2. Live & Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

2. Live & Sleep Memory Foam MattressThis mattress comprises two layers of foam, a 7.5-inch layer of the highly compact support core team, and a 2.5-inch pure and elastic-infused Visco memory foam. These two layers, on the other hand, make this mattress thicker compared to others. Moreover, these are resistant to powder mites, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic.

This mattress from Live and Sleep is equipped with a cover that is constructed using several materials. Even so, the materials used can make a knitted as well as a soft feel. The mattress’s cover is also lenient in touch, minimizes heat retention, and is extremely breathable. Another good thing about its cover is that it is machine washable and removable. Either way, the Live and Sleep Memory Foam Mattress is accessible at a very affordable price.

  • Affordable
  • Users will have a comfortable and cool sleep experience.
  • No or minimal motion transfer.
  • It is hypoallergenic.
  • Users can control their temperature, especially during the summer season.


1. Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress – Best Mattress Under $300

1. Memory Foam Green Tea MattressThis mattress is made to offer everybody and good and comfortable night’s sleep. The memory foam of this material will keep your hips and shoulders in proper alignment. On the other hand, the mattress also relieves pressure points by reducing back pain and keeping your spine straight. The Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress is specially designed for back and side sleepers since it is smoothed by the memory foam’s shape-imitating quality.

This 3-layered (top layer – two inches memory foam, bottom layer – four inches base support foam, and middle layer – two inches – pressure-relieving foam) mattress offers maximum support as well as comfort. This mattress’s middle and top layers are extremely soft to comfort by following the sleeper’s shape. At the same time, the lower layer is made up of highly compact materials to provide support.

This mattress is also bonded with a natural green tea extract to keep it fresh all the time. The extract stabilizes at the characteristic scent of the memory foam mattress. Besides, when this mattress decompressed completely, it will weigh 67 pounds.

  • Great price ratio and performance
  • Provides great support and comfort
  • Light in weight, making it easier to move around.
  • Gives off a fresh smell.
  • Its memory foam is resistant to grime mites as well as antimicrobial.


What Is A Mattress?

A mattress is a rectangular and large cushion for supporting the resting body. Mattresses, on the other hand, are designed to be utilized on a bed frame or as a bed. They may consist of a similarly fastened or quilted case, normally of heavy cloth, consisting of foam, rubber, cotton, straw, hair, and metal springs. Also, mattresses can be filled with water or air as well.

Mattresses are commonly utilized as a useful medium for sound sleep. They are known to give out support, comfort, and healing from aching in cervical positions, abdomen, and back because of faulty practices of sleeping.

Types of Mattresses

Knowing the different kinds of mattresses is very important to understand what you are getting and the best option for you.

  • Innerspring Mattress

The innerspring mattress is one of the most popular types of mattresses on the market today. Inner mattresses use a support system known as a steel coil. However, if you grew up with a spring bed, this type of mattress could be familiar to you by this time.

  • Memory Foam

This type of mattress is popular among customers, old and young. It is the most recommended mattress by health practitioners and doctors for those experiencing back pains. Memory foam mattresses effectively mold the body as well as reacts to the body heat.

This mattress, on the other hand, adjusts pressure and reacts to various body parts, therefore, it treats and prevents pain. Either way, memory foams are made using polyurethane mixed with chemicals. Nonetheless, it’s also known as viscoelastic polyurethane foam.

  • Latex Mattress

This type of mattress is costlier than other kinds of mattresses. There are 3 different types of latex: blended latex, natural latex, and synthetic latex. On the other hand, latex mattresses are suggested mattresses by most orthopedics and doctor due to their health benefits. Like memory foam mattresses, you’re usually given an inflexibility level option when buying a latex mattress.

  • Hybrid Mattress

If you cannot decide what kind of mattress you want, then a hybrid mattress can be a great option. The hybrid mattress combines an innerspring mattress with latex foam or memory foam. Even so, one of the best things about this mattress is that you will be able to enjoy the advantages of every kind of mattress without sacrificing comfort and support as well.

  • Air Mattress

Perhaps, you have already seen or used an air mattress in your life. An air mattress is an inflatable mattress or airbed that is made using PVC. However, this mattress is a temporary bed, only making it ideal for people who just moved into the dorm or a new place. Moreover, you can also bring this mattress during your camping trips.

  • Foam Mattress

Usually, this mattress is made using polyurethane or poly-foam; however, it does not contain chemicals in the memory foam mattress. Due to the fame of memory foam mattresses, foam mattresses have become less popular.

  • Water Bed

Waterbed mattresses contain water. This type of mattress is not costly, and it will keep you cool all the time. Undeniably, this mattress is very comfortable and comes with a sturdy cover to make sure no water leakage.

What Are The Advantages of Purchasing A Mattress?

The main advantage of purchasing an inexpensive mattress is that you’ll be able to make a lesser investment to understand whether particular materials will work for you or not. However, with the right research, rest assured you will be able to find a high-quality mattress that is within our budget.

Moreover, one of the major distresses people have for an inexpensive mattress is the product’s durability. The majority of mattresses last for a couple of years, but the good thing about affordable mattresses is that changing them won’t put a depression in your pocket.

On the other hand, the best mail-order mattress is one that is capable of supporting your whole body. It means that your head, shoulder, and heels are all in proper alignment, and the spine takes responsibility for curvatures. Either way, look for a mattress with a firm feel so that you will be able to reap its benefits.

How to Choose The Best Mattress?

  • Support

Our entire body must be held in the right alignment to not suffer from any back pain. The mattress, on the other hand, needs to shove our body to counteract our body weight. That is why, when choosing a mattress, make sure to opt for a model that you think can provide support for your body and curves.

Your spine must be lined up while the repose of your body dints the way it is thought to be. This will also take place if you’re moving in your bed constantly to change your spinal alignment. However, if you want to prevent that from happening, make sure to invest in a mattress that perfectly shapes your entire body.

  • Temperature

Most people complain about the mattress’s heat-retaining levels. Even so, the majority of high-quality mattresses that are currently available on the market alleviate this by utilizing using proper ventilation, advanced foams, and stage change materials.

  • Comfort

Comfort is the same as pressure relief. If the mattress is very hard, it puts pressure on the body. As a result, this will limit your circulation and snaps the nerves making a painful sleeping experience and triggering you to turn and toss repeatedly. In simple words, your sleep will be affected and makes you feel sluggish in the mornings. Thus, when you buy a mattress, make sure to rest on it and check if you can lie in a single position without stirring around before paying for it.

  • Edge Support

If you have a habit of sitting near your bed’s edge or sleeping close to the edge, then you will need a mattress that has robust edge support. The majority of innerspring mattresses today utilize the improved foam encasement everywhere on the edge. In contrast, the inexpensive innerspring mattress uses a steel rod.

  • Mattress Thickness, Type, and Size Availability

This part is where you will be checking the kind of mattress that will suit your needs. You can choose from memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, and much more. If you are unsure which type of mattress suits you the most, you can check the different types mentioned above.

Aside from the type, it is also important to check the thickness and available sizes. The normal sizes are king, queen, full, and twin, though some manufacturers provide sizes in between. When it comes to thickness, most mattresses range from six inches to 12 inches.

  • Firmness

If you are buying in a physical store, you will feel the mattress’s firmness right away. On the other hand, if you are buying online, you need to rely on the product’s description given by the seller or manufacturer and what other customers/owners need to say.

However, you do not have to worry about this because these customers/owners are generous to leave any comments about their mattresses. Rest assured, you are getting factual information.

  • Longevity and Durability

Of course, each of us wants to purchase a product that will last for a couple of years. In an ideal world, most mattresses are replaced in less or more than eight years. On the other hand, many people choose to replace their mattress even though it is still in good condition.

However, while it’s up to you to regularly replace your mattress, mattresses need to be durable. Also, quality must be top-notch, and the materials utilized should be of top quality.

Tips for Buying A Mattress

  • Purchase from a reliable company

When the item is inexpensive, checking if it is from a reputable company is very important. The company doesn’t have to be located in your state, however, it must have an excellent reputation when it comes to customer service as well as quick response.

  • Check the Product’s Quality

If you are set to invest in a budget-friendly mattress, you have to check if the product is CertiPUR-US certified.

  • Make sure that your chosen item is backed with a warranty.

A warranty can provide you with a guarantee that you can acquire a refund or replacement. It will also give you the chance to look for a more suitable item when you need to.

How to Clean Your Mattress Properly?

Before cleaning your mattress, make sure to strip the bed as well as wash your linens. First, launder and dry the pad of your mattress, followed by the sheets, and lastly, your duvet/comforter/bedspread.

While your washing machine and dryer perform their job, it is now the right time to focus your attention on your mattress. Either way, here’s how to clean your mattress properly.

  • Vacuum It

The best tool that you can use to clean your mattress is your vacuum’s upholstery attachment. When cleaning, make sure to start from the top, followed by the narrow paths and the mattress’s sides.

  • Deodorize your mattress using baking soda

Even though we do not notice our bodily smells, as time passes by, sweat may accumulate and lead to unambiguous aromas.  To get rid of these smells, deodorize your mattress by sprinkling a baking soda on it and rubbing it using a brush gently. Either way, before going on to the next process, let the baking soda sit on your mattress for about 10 minutes.

  • Repeat Vacuuming

When you scrub a baking soda into your mattress, you have helped it tie with body oils as well as moisture in the top layers of material. However, to get rid of the moisture, make sure to vacuum your mattress for the second time.

  • Remove Stains

Normally, mattresses obtain three different kinds of stains: urine, blood, and other bodily liquids.  While it is best to get rid of stains instantaneously, at times, sleep is essential. Nevertheless, here’s how to get rid of the stains on your mattress.

  • Urine Stains

First Step: Dissolve three tablespoons of baking soda in eight ounces of hydrogen peroxide. After this, add two drops of liquid dishwashing soap to it. Then drop the solution on top of the spot.

Note: Don’t soak your mattress.

Second Step: If the urine stain continues, you need to wait ‘til the spot and dry. If it’s already dry, whisk three tablespoons of detergent powder and one tablespoon of water. Make sure not to use any powder that contains oxygenated bleach. Spread the solution to the spot and let it sit for about thirty minutes.

Third Step: Using a spoon, remove the dried paste away. Moreover, you can utilize a white and clean cloth to remove the paste’s persistent tales, but you need to dip the cloth in hydrogen peroxide.

Fourth Step: Lastly, vacuum the treated area.

  • Blood Stains

To get rid of the bloodstains from your mattress, you have to prepare a paste of one tablespoon of table salt and liquid dishwashing soap mixed with ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide (three percent).

After making the paste, spread it on top of the stain lightly and sit for a couple of minutes. When the paste is dry, remove the residue and then drop at remaining stains using a rag (white) dipped into hydrogen peroxide.

  • Flip your mattress and repeat steps 1, 2, 3, and 4

Coil or innerspring mattresses must be flipped top to bottom and side to side weekly. If you own a mattress that is pillow top, you cannot flip it, but you can still flip it seasonally to prolong its life.

  • Protect Your Mattress

Undeniably, cleaning a mattress can be an overwhelming task. That is why using washable mattress covers is highly recommended. Most mattress covers are made using fabric attached to a water-resistant layer in today’s day and age, which prevents dead skin and liquid from touching your mattress.

If you want to prolong the life of your mattress, make sure to follow the above-mentioned steps.


With this mattress buying guide, you will surely find the best mattress and get a comfortable and great night’s rest. Sleep is essential, and because of these affordable mattresses, you can now create a healthy and safe bedroom environment for you and your family.

Nevertheless, if you are set to buy a new mattress, check out the above-mentioned mattresses currently available on Amazon and pick the best one that suits your needs.

Hopefully, this article helps you choose the high-quality and best mattress within your budget.



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