Best leaf Collectors for Pools

A clean and transparent pool is the dream of every pool owner. However, it does not happen by chance. Leaves are a beautiful sight to behold when they are on the tree.

They, however, become a nuisance when they find their way into the pool. With the rate at which leaves pour into the pool, they need constant cleaning to prevent a buildup of leaves in the pool.

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The choice of the best pool cleaner depends on a lot of factors. We will like to bring to your notice our top five pool cleaners.

Review of Pool leaf Collectors

Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Leaf Vacuum – Classic Collection

The unit is made from durable components to keep the pool clean. It works excellently for removing leaves from the pool. It comes with a multi-directional wheel that helps in ease of usage. It comes with eight high-pressure jets that give the needed water pressure essential for complete cleaning. It has a quick disconnect fitting that helps fit with any standard hose.

Product Specifications

The unit weighs 1.82 pounds and comes 18 by 18 by 7 inches in dimension. It has a large 15-inch diameter vacuum and a handle made of durable ABS. It also comes with a reusable leaf bag.

The pros

  • Works great in getting large debris off the pool.
  • It was made with durable components. Hence, it will last

The Cons

  • It is not so good at picking small debris


Leaf Gulper Vacuum Cleaner for Swimming Pool with Brushes & Swivel Wheels

Second, on our list of best leaf collectors for the pool is this. It’s suitable to get rid of bugs, debris, and leaves from the pool. It can be attached to a vacuum cleaner and garden hose.

Product Specification

The unit weighs 1.7 pounds with a dimension of 19.6 by 15.3 by 6.7 inches. It comes with a garden hose adapter and a filter bag. There are interchangeable wheels for gunite pools and filter bags, as well.

The pros

  • It removes leaves, bugs, dirt, and debris.
  • It works well with a standard garden hose

The Cons

  • The unit tends to float


Blue Wave Swimline Leaf Bagger

This leaf bagger works by attaching the telephone and the garden hose to the base of the unit. When in the pool, the group pulls leaves and debris into the attached bag. It’s perfect for easy spring cleanups and quick jobs. The unit works well with a vinyl and concrete pool.

Product Specification

The unit has a capacity of 13.5 inches in diameter. It comes with a handle adapter, leaf bag, wheels, and brushes. It weighs 1.8 pounds, with a dimension of 15 by 12 by 9 inches.

The Pros

  • It is easy to use and works well on large leaves
  • It has a big bag of leaves

The Cons

  • The product didn’t come with an instruction manual.
  • The mesh bag is rather clumsy and cumbersome.


Leaf Master – The Ultimate Leaf Bagger with Brushes-Swimming Pool Leaf Cleaner

The leaf vacuum works by attaching the garden hose and the telescopic pole to the product base. The vortex sucks debris and leaves into the bag attached. It has a large mesh bag. It comes with a swivel wheel at the bottom. It works well in the vinyl liner and concrete pools. It’s great getting rid of pine needles, leaves, and debris from the pool bottom.

Product Information

The vacuum diameter is 15 inches and comes with a snap adapt to handle that fits a standard one ¼ inch telescope pole. The product weighs 1.94 pounds with dimensions 16 by 16 by 8 inches.

The pros

  • It works excellently in getting rid of leaves, pine needles, and all forms of debris.
  • The cons
  • The presence of brushes makes it cumbersome to handle inside the pool
  • It doesn’t exert much force while in the pool.


Poolmaster 28316 Leaf Vacuum – Premier Collection

Poolmaster 28316 is made out of high-quality materials with excellent performance to keep the pool neat. It works best in all pools and comes with features like replaceable brushes, Aluminum metal handles, perimeter bumper, etc. The eight high-pressure jets joined to the underside create a high force power needed for cleaning.

Product Description

It has a four multi-directional wheel that helps in easy movement while in the pool. It comes with three perimeter brushes that help remove debris and dirt hence effective cleaning. It has a 15-inch diameter vacuum with a mar-proof perimeter. It also has two reusable bags that help captures a huge load of leaves. The product weighs 1.82 pounds with dimensions 6.5 by 15 by 18.5 inches.

The pros

  • The product comes with two reusable pool bags.
  • It is suitable for getting leaves and debris off the pool in a considerable little time.

The Cons

  • At times, the bag comes off, which releases all the debris back into the pool. Hence the bag needs to be held tightly with the unit.
  • At times, it misses large particles.


A Guide to Choosing the Best leaf Collector

There are quite a lot of factors that influence the choice of your leaf collector. Hence, it is essential to take note before deciding on the one to go for. We discuss them below:

  1. Size of the Pool

A manual pool cleaner will easily fix a small pool. However, you should consider automatic leaf collectors if you have a medium-sized pool.

  1. The efficiency of the leaf Collector

This can be said to be the time it takes for the leaf collector to complete the job. As a result, it is essential to go for robotic or automatic cleaners if you care about efficiency.

  1. Ease of use

Robotic pool cleaners are easy to use. All it requires of the user is to lower the unit into the pool and allow it to do its magic. Gradually, it will get dirt, debris, and leaves off the pool floor.

  1. It should be Adjustable.

Your leaf collector should be able to adjust itself to suit the pool size and shape. This happens by adjusting incoming water pressure and the hose buoyancy.

  1. Hose Length

The leaf collector of your choice should have a long hose. This is essential to reach the skimmer boss to the far end of the pool.

  1. Should have a big bag for leaves

It will be quite cumbersome for you to be stepping out of the pool and emptying the leaf bag while you still have a large foot to cover. Hence, it is recommended that users go with leaf collectors of huge bags.


A swimming pool is a worthy and pricey investment. Asides, a swimming pool is expected to provide years of comfort and enjoyment for the family. This largely depends on the maintenance of the swimming pool.

In this regard, investing in a leaf collector is worth it. With the correct leaf collector for pools, you not only have a good pool, but you get a sparkling clean, transparent, and inviting swimming pool. As a result, a worthy pool leaf collector will enable you to spend more time swimming and less time cleaning your pool!



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