iOS 15 to link AirPods with your Apple ID as part of Find My Network

Apple has announced new features for AirPods Pro users in iOS 15. Apple announced several new features for AirPods Pro users in iOS 15. iOS 15 will link AirPods with your Apple ID, so you can find them wherever they are.

iOS 15 will use Bluetooth technology, similar to AirPods. It can be used to locate AirPods in a location you’re near but not sure where. This feature will display the current location of your AirPods on a map even if they’re not connected to your iPhone.

Your Apple ID will be used to link the AirPods to your Apple ID.

AirPods will not be tied to an Apple ID and will not require an activation key.

These AirPods can still be linked to your Apple ID. […] Another person can set up Find My Network by removing these AirPods. It will not be linked to your Apple ID.

AirPods Max can easily be unpaired by pressing the Noise Cancellation and Digital Crown buttons for approximately 12 seconds. AirPods Pro requires a little more effort. Hold your finger on the speaker holes, and then press each stem several times.

These features still need to be implemented. Both the first and second-generation AirPods will not work with Precision Finding or the Find My Network.

This month, Apple has released a beta firmware upgrade for AirPods Pro, which includes the Conversation Boost feature. This beta firmware was released to iOS 15 beta users. It does not include the Find My feature.



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