To encourage teens to get their COVID-19 vaccine Washington, D.C. giving away free AirPods

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that she would give away AirPods to promote COVID-19 vaccination among young people. She also offered a $25,000 scholarship for those who had received their first shot.

According to Hill, anyone aged 12-17 who has been vaccinated at BrooklandMS and SousaMS will be eligible to receive an AirPods in the first shot.

Mayor Bowser sent a tweet explaining how you need to first register at one of three Youth Vaccine Giveaway websites. Then, you can choose between AirPods or a gift voucher.


  • Your first COVID-19 shot.
  • A parent or legal guardian must be present with you.
  • Your school ID, DC One Card, or Kids Ride Free Card are required. You will also need your report card and proof of enrollment.


  • Every child who has received their first COVID-19 shot at a Youth Vaccine giveaway site is eligible for one gift card from a parent.

Johns Hopkins University data shows that approximately 70% of District residents are fully vaccinated. However, DC is experiencing an increase in COVID-19 cases.

DC isn’t the only place that offers cash prizes or other gifts to those who have been vaccinated.

In recent weeks, some US cities have reintroduced indoor mask requirements.

Apple delayed its plans to return to the office, but the company hasn’t ruled out requiring employees to be vaccinated before they go to work, as other tech companies have done.



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